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Session 1 -2. Executive Class Strategic Leadership Suhartono MBA., MA., PhD (cand) Contemporary Strategic Knowledge & Leadership Nature Source: Rainey (2010); Laljani (2009); Kaplan & Norton (2004); Yukl (2010). Fenomena dengan Perubahan Lingkungan yg Cepat dan Tak Terduga. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Session 1 -2

Session 1 -2Executive Class Strategic LeadershipSuhartono MBA., MA., PhD (cand)

Contemporary Strategic Knowledge & Leadership NatureSource: Rainey (2010); Laljani (2009); Kaplan & Norton (2004); Yukl (2010).Fenomena dengan Perubahan Lingkungan yg Cepat dan Tak TerdugaPerencanaan sering berubahVisi Misi jadi tidak jelas (sering diganti)Pemimpin dianggap plin-planPemimpin dianggap tidak punya strategiKoordinasi sering tidak jelasLain-lain Makna PerencanaanUrgentImportantLowLowHighHighIsengKebeletKrisisPerencanaanXS T R A T E G I Cara-cara yang harus dilakukan untuk lebih unggul

The Way We Create CompetitivenessForecastingNowPast NowFutureValues and ForesightVISION Missioning / SoothsayingReflection Past Performance is a baseline for deciding What we do for the future now Strategy is CreatingSEEING ISBELIEVINGBELIEVINGIS SEEINGForecastingNowPast NowFutureValues and ForesightVISION Missioning / SoothsayingReflection Strategic isBelievingMenciptakan masa datang.Top-down -- Bottom-upMembimbing perilaku manajemenBerfokus pada customer eksternal lebih duluEfektivitasPenekanan pada prosesProaktif

Memperpanjang masa kini (biasanya lebih pendek dp perencanaan strategis)Bottom-up / staff-generated Tidak membimbing perilaku manajemenBerfokus pada customer internal duluEfisiensiPenekanan pada rencana Reaktif

Perencanaan lain :Perencanaan strategis :Kategori PerusahaanPerusahaan yang sukses dimasa lalu dan mengagung-agungkan masa lalu.Perusahaan yang hidup di masa kini dan cukup sukses.Perusahaan yang mempersiapkan diri untuk masa depan dan mempromosikan diri mereka menghadapi waktu berbeda.Perusahaan yang menciptakan masa depan dengan merubah segala kemungkinan, peluang hasil yang bisa diproses, bahkan kondisi lingkungan (alam).(Harper C. Stephen) Forward-Focused Organization.Empat Kategori Perusahaan Dalam Melihat Masa Depan8Theory of Strategy and Change Dynamics Strategy is Cycles of AgeStrategy is Concensus

(Dissatisfaction Search Envision Implementation)Strategy is CompetitionStrategy is ExchangePassiveActiveClosed SystemOpened SystemWe shape the environment / industryCompetitor is the EnemyCompetitor is my friend Co-Existing Co-Operating Co-Learning Co-ProducingEnterprise-wide Strategic Management (ESM- Rainey, 2010) Business is not about winning the battles in the short term at the expense of destroying relationships in the long term or failing to sustain success.

ESM focuses on finding unique opportunities and creating innovative solutions that are more attractive and enduring from business and market perspectives as well as economic, social, technological, and environmental ones

It is about leading, creating, developing, integrating, building, deploying, and succeeding. It also involves the search, discovery, and cure of weaknesses, defects, problems, burdens, and negative impacts across the extended enterprise.


How we see the Man Made wolrd How we see the Nature-world

Strategy and Change Dynamics Strategy is CyclesStrategy is ConcensusStrategy is CompetetionStrategy is ExchangePassiveActiveClose SystemOpen SystemWe shape the environment / industryCompetitors is the EnemyCompetittors are our friendsWhat is the Man Made world behind What is the Nature-world behind Co-Existing Co-Operating Co-Learning Co-ProducingWhy ESM



Why ESM Paradigm Shift of Value-Added (1) Investment vs Development

Building Production facilities = Building Transformation / transition FacilitiesEnterprise = not only firm, but initiatives for building value adding in live.21Paradigm Shift of Value-Added (2) Transformations / Transitions

Paradigm Shift of Value Added (3) Operational

Secondary Value-Added

Externalities: Economics side effects => beban social atas tindakan bisnis 24Value Equation ESM

Knowledge = pengalaman pembelajaran yang akan kita dapat. Lagging = positive impact 25ESM dan Strategic Planning

By ESM, more Emergent and Descriptive variables get in the business designsDeliberate = disengaja; dan Emergent = tidak disengaja. Prescriptive = Wacana; Descriptive = Implementasi26

Chiquita Lesson LearntMission: solution for healthinessResources: Natural Material (Farming)Production Facilities: Environmental FriendlinessWorking Climate: transformational, ethical, Values-Based Leadership

Organizational Element Model (OEM)Value-Added system AnalysisInput Processes Product Output Outcome Kulit Benang Lem Mesin dan SDM Sepatu Kelengkapan berdandan GengsiWibawaSehat Dipakai untuk keperluan apa oleh konsumen / masyarakat? Bermanfaat untuk apa untuk konsumen / masyarakat Produk PotensialProduk AugmentasiProduk ekspektasiProduk generikValue Added Product AnalysisBenefit inti

BOP Bottom of Pyramid Outer market space pasar 5 milyar orang dibawah garis kemiskinan yg belum terlayani. Contoh ESM Unilever jual Pure-It.31

End of First SessionStrategic ManagementAbove Average ReturnStrategic Competitive AdvantageSustainable Competitiveness

Hasil Laba diatas rata2, Adanya Keunggulan Kompetitive, Keunggulan yang berkelanjutan.39Alternative Models of Superior ReturnsResource-BasedModelIndustrial Organization ModelThe External EnvironmentAn Attractive IndustryStrategy FormulationAssets and SkillsStrategy ImplementationSuperior ReturnsResourcesCapabilityCompetitive AdvantageAn Attractive IndustryStrategy ImplementationSuperior ReturnsStrategic FitStrategic Stretch4031Alternative Models of Superior Returns 1Industrial Organization Model (Market Focus)The External EnvironmentAn Attractive IndustryStrategy FormulationAssets and SkillsStrategy ImplementationSuperior Returns4131Competing is BoxingBigfootGeneric StrategyAverage Cost in IndustryAverage Price in IndustryCost LeadershipDifferentiationSuccessfulStuck in the MiddleBlue Ocean Strategy Fit dan StretchBlue Ocean vs. Red Ocean StrategyCreate uncontested market spaceMake the competition irrelevantCreate and capture new demand

Compete in existing market spaceBeat the competition

Exploit existing demand

Blue Ocean StrategyRed Ocean Strategy46Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean StrategyBreak the value- cost trade offAlign the whole system of a firms activities with its strategic choice of differentiation and low cost

Make the value-cost trade offAlign the whole system of a firms activities with its strategic choice of differentiation or low cost

Blue Ocean StrategyRed Ocean Strategy47Two Strategic LogicIndustry Assumptions: Industrys conditions are givenStrategic Focus: A company should build competitive advantages. The aim is to beat the competition.Customers: A company should retain and expand its customer base through further segmentation and customization. It should focus on the differences in what customers value.Assets and Capabilities: A company should leverage its existing assets and capabilities.An Industrys traditional boundaries determine the products and services a company offers. The goal is to maximize the value of those offerings.Industrys conditions can be shape.

Competition is not the benchmark. A company should pursue a quantum leap in value to dominate the market.A value innovator targets the mass of buyers and willingly lets some existing customer go. It focuses on the key commonalities in what customers value.A company must not be constrained by what it already has. It must ask, what would we do if we were starting anew?A value innovator thinks in terms of the total solution customer seek, even if that takes the company beyond its industrys traditional offerings.Conventional LogicValue Innovation LogicBlue Ocean Strategy ToolsStrategy CanvasA diagnostic tool for building a compelling blue ocean strategyIt captures the current state of play in the known market spaceAllow you to understand :where the competition is currently investingthe factors the industry currently competes on in product, service and deliverywhat customers receive from existing competitive offerings on the market49Four Action FrameworkEliminateReduceRaiseCreate50Four Action FrameworkThe Case of Cirque du Soleil (A Circus Company)ThemeRefined environmentMultiple productionsArtistic music and danceEliminateReduceRaiseCreateStar performersAnimal showsAisle concession salesMultiple show arenasFun and humorThrill and dangerUnique venue51Alternative Models of Superior Returns 2Resource-BasedModelResourcesCapabilityCompetitive AdvantageAn Attractive IndustryStrategy ImplementationSuperior Returns5231Competing is RacingCore CompetenciesResourcesInputs to a firms production processCore CompetenceA strategic capabilitySynergiDoes the capability satisfy the criteria of sustainable competitive advantage?YESNOCapabilityA non-strategic team of resourcesCapabilityIntegration of a team of resources54Resources yang banyak perlu, tetapi yang banyak tetapi tidak saling bersinergi adalah kurang berarti. Jumalah karyawan yang banyak tidak akan berarti apa2 utk perusahaan, kecuali jika team work mereka bagus. Resources yang besar bahkan suatu ketika hanya akan menjadi beban, jika tidak bisa bersinergi atau tidak bermutu. Resources akan menjadi capabiliti hanya jika saling bersinergi. Capabiliti jika tidak berbeda dari para pesaing bukan core competencies. Kapabiliti seperti itu adalah kapabiliti non strategic, mudah lenyap dan tidak berarti apa-apa.Criteria ofSustainableAdvantagesValueChainAnalysisValuableRareCostly to ImitateOrganized to be exploited****Voice of CustomersVoice of Engineering Voice of CompetenciesFrom Resources to Core CompetenciesResources*Tangible*IntangibleCapabilitiesSynergy of ResourcesCoreCompetenciesDiscoveringCoreCompetenciesCompetitiveAdvantageSustained CompetitiveAdvantageResources*Tangible*Intangible558

A core competency is a capability that is:Organized to be Exploite