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  • 8/7/2019 Cairo ICT 2011



    In its 15th round, Cairo ICT is taking a new dimension. Being it the first year in the second decade of the third millen-

    nium, 2011is a special year worldwide. The year is also special as it is the year of full recovery from the financial crisis

    and the beginning of a new phase.

    Cairo ICT 2011 presents itself as an opportunity to open new markets, consolidate presence in existing markets and

    a chance to meet with peers on a platform which is neither too large to prevent networking or too small to allow for


    Cairo ICT is generally a focused go-to-market based event, where both the exhibition ground and the forum halls

    stand on equal footing in terms of importance. Meeting clients from important emerging markets of the region

    Middle East and Africa with Egypt of course at the centre of such countries, is unique to this event.

    Cairo ICT is a platform for new technologies and trends, but the twist that makes it stand different from other

    international events, is the tailoring of technologies and trends to conditions of the targeted markets.

    The visitor profile is rich, covering government, enterprise, SMBs, Academia and consumers on different

    levels and according to event sector. An excellent opportunity to network, meet with your peers and open

    new vistas for business are only some of the benefits you achieve by being part of this leading regional



    T H E X G E N E R A T IO N


    Under the auspices ofH.E. Minister of Communications

    & Information Technology

    Dr. Tarek Kamel


  • 8/7/2019 Cairo ICT 2011


    New Features at Cairo ICT 2011Cairo ICT 2011 - scheduled for 20 - 23 February - is posed to reflect new

    ideas in different facets, both within the exhibition and the forum, as both

    are taking a different dimension: the past 14 rounds have established

    Cairo ICT as the leading event of the country, one of the leading events

    of the region and the meeting point of the industry with the Minister,

    while it also served as a platform for announcing new initiative. The

    direction now is to compete for the leadership of the region.


    T H E X G E N E R A T I O N


    Telecom Summit:

    This event will bring the top executives of telecom operating companies from the

    region to learn and speak about the latest trends in telecommunications, setting the

    ground for a wider range of change in the Middle East.This is a discussion among operators and with regulators over issues ranging from

    the future of LTE, to FTTx and relevant issues and from new fields for revenue such as

    video and mobile advertising to mobile money transfer.

    IT Summit:

    CIOs and IT Managers from different business sectors will spend an entire day at Cairo ICT

    to learn about the new trends in technology. Keynote speakers from major countries can

    speak about the new trends in IT technology from "Cloud Computing" to "Green IT" and from

    "Unified Communications" to "Social Networks"

    Country Guest of Honor (France):

    The tradition of having a country guest of honour has been effective at Cairo ICT for the past three

    years. In 2010, the U.S.A. was that guest of honour and accordingly many activities reflected on

    exhibitors of Cairo ICT.

    France is the guest of Honor at Cairo ICT 2011 and the weight of relations between Egypt and this

    European country will add both image and business value to Cairo ICT. Delegations from France will be

    present to meet business counterparts from Egypt, the Arab World and Africa

    Cloud Computing with a Different Perspective:

    The hype is about cloud computing. Vendors are trying to sell it, organizations are trying to understand it. But

    in the middle many industries may vanish, while others will flourish. Countries with developers and products in

    the Middle East may wind up losing the race or even shutting down. Users may find out at the end of the hype

    they purchased what was dictated to them without needing it. This is the first serious discussion about that new

    trend that may change the face of how we use technology.

    The event

    will featurethesefirst-timemajorevents: