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    TUGAS STATEMENT TOKOH ARSITEKTURDisusun untuk memenuhi Tugas Mata Kuliah Teori Perkembangan Arsitektur 2 Semester IV

    RICHARD J. NEUTRA (18921970)

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    1. "Brea!a# $%#& Be'er" I*#er'%e$ $%#& D%+* Ne,#ra

    Sa* Fra*-%-+ De%* Ce*#er

    /a*,ar 1 2001

    Inter,ie- b. /e,erl. Russell0 e1itoratlarge 3orInteriors & Sor!esmaga4ine an1 hosto3 /reak3ast -ith /e,erl.0 the 3irst Internet ,i1eo talk sho- 1e,ote1 to the ar5hite5turean1 1esign in1ustr.6

    Be'er R,e (BR) +,'e #+ 7e #&e #&e7e !+r +,r !%r7 % MAN IN

    RE8ATIONSHI9 :ITH NATURE; -a* +, e

    D%+* Ne,#ra (DN)Man gre- u7 in 5entral A3ri5a in nature 3or his 3irst t-o million.ears8 that -hat -e9re use1 to6 It9s onl. been 2*0*** .ears that -e 3igure1 out ho- to

    buil1 shelters0 an1 2** .ears sin5e -e9,e learne1 to en5lose an1 5limate 5ontrol them6"or the most 7art -e9,e been going 1o-nhill sin5e then0 7utting 7eo7le into -in1o-lesso33i5es0 basements an1 5heerless en,ironments -ith minimal o7enings in the name o3energ. 5onser,ation6 Our 7ra5ti5e es7ouses maimum e7osure to the 1rama o3 nature0-ith mu5h higher 7er5entages o3 glass than allo-able un1er to1a.9s 5o1es6

    BR O,r ,[email protected]# % ree* ar-&%#e-#,re. H+$ ree* % +,r -+,*#r>

    DNot as green as it shoul1 be6 Others in !uro7e are ahea16 ;orl1-i1e0 -e are on a5risis tri76 Alternate 3uel resear5h an1 1e,elo7ment in5enti,es ha,e been largel.su77lante1 b. em7hasis on linton a1ministration to7reser,e -il1erness or the 5oastline against 1rilling an1 logging6 The -orl19sen,ironment 1oesn9t kno- about states9 rights6

    BR :&a# $+, +, a'+-a#e #+ -&a*e #&e -+,re +! =r%+r%#%e>

    DN"o5us on the bigger 7i5ture6 ;e9,e got to sto7 thinking about -hat is e7e1ient 3orbusiness to turn a 7ro3it6 #ook at -hat 1eregulation has 1one 3or the >ali3ornia ele5tri5su77liers6 The almight. 1ollar must .iel1 in the name o3 a national 5om7rehensi,eenerg. 7oli5. a11ressing the 7o-er nee1s o3 A## o3 our 5ountr. b. region0 i3 not the-orl16 As 1esigners0 -e 5an 7oint the -a. to 7reser,ation o3 nature as -ell as the built

    en,ironment6 #et9s ho7e there are enough ,oi5es in >ongress to neutrali4e the e7e5te1re7ressi,e e33orts o3 5onser,atism6

    BR I* +,r %*#r+,-#%+* #+ #&e 30#& a**%'erar -+e-#+r e%#%+* +! +,r

    !a#&er ?++ Survival by Design,+, #a a?+,# #&e *ee !+r a -+7=re&e*%'e

    $+r '%e$ ra#&er #&a* &+r##er7 #&%*%*. H+$ -a* ar-&%#e-# a* e%*er

    %*!,e*-e #&% -+7=re&e*%'e $+r '%e$>

    DNAr5hite5ts an1 1esigners are in a 7osition to 1emonstrate ne- a77roa5hes to 1esignan1 buil1ing6 The 7rin5i7les o3 the >ase Stu1. houses in >ali3ornia an1 the ar5hite5ts o3that generation o3 -hi5h m. 3ather -as one are still not 3ull. a77re5iate1 3or their

    ma?or 7rogrammati5 elements: the @ualit. an1 res7onsi,eness o3 the built 1esign to the



    li,ing en,ironment an1 nature666 >ontem7orar. stu1ents 5oul1 -ell re,isit these7rograms to 1is5o,er their message0 as -ell as 1e,ise their o-n ,ersions o3 these issuestranslate1 into to1a.9s 5hallenges an1 issues6

    BR E



    BR :&+ &a'e ?ee* +,r 7+# %7=+r#a*# 7e*#+r %* +,r -areer a* %* +,r %!e>

    DNM. 1a10 o3 5ourse6 Se,eral o3 the 1ra3tsmen -ith -hom I 5ame in 5onta5t earl. on-ere im7ressi,e to me on 1i33erent le,els 3rom the 7oint o3 ,ie- o3 m. 1e,elo7ment6

    An !nglish tea5her hel7e1 establish m. 3oun1ation as a -riter6 M. ,iolin tea5her taughtme rigor an1 tena5it.0 as -ell as an a77re5iation o3 5lassi5al musi50 as 1i1 m.gran13ather0 -ho -as a ruthless 1is5i7linarian 3rom the 7iano ke.boar1 -hen -e 7la.e1trio -ith m. mother6 is thing -as

    DN #i,ing in the Kings Roa1B S5hin1ler ouse0 an1 later the VD#B Resear5houses6 M. time in the a,.8 at S> an1 in !uro7e 1uring m. ?unior .ear6 Jugglingmarriages an1 5areer earl. on6 A holeinone in m. one an1 onl. time 7la.ing gol3 at St6An1re-s=

    BR :+, +, -&a*e +,r %!e %* a* $a %! +, -+,>

    DNI -oul1 ha,e like1 to ha,e the -is1om o3 age earlier on0 to 7erha7s ha,e 3igure1out ho- to 7reser,e m. 3irst marriage an1 sa,e m. sons the trauma o3 1i,or5e6 To ha,eha1 the -is1om an1 resour5es to sa,e m. thir1 -i3e 3rom 1eath 3rom lung 5an5er6

    BR :&+ are #&e =%+*eer %* #&e !%e #&a# +, rea re=e-#>

    DNI like the soun1 o3 A1ol7hB #oos 3rom -hat I9,e rea1 an1 hear16 M. 1a1 ha1 great1e7th0 an1 his 7hiloso7h. in a77roa5hing his solutions is still a-esome to me6 I ha,eimmense a1miration 3or those 7ra5titioners -ho 5an 5on,in5e their 5lients to go along-ith bi4arre or 93arout9 solutions to -hat -oul1 seem to be relati,el. sim7le 7rograms6

    BR :&a# $+r + +, =re!er %* #&e E*%& a*,ae>

    DN ;hat is that long -or1 use1 in 9Mar. Po77ins0

    DNI lo,e the soun1 o3 a great /a5h suite on the 5ello or ,iolin6 Mo4art sele5tions are a5lose se5on16

    BR A%e !r+7 #&e *e$ ?+-?,#er ?++ @,# =,?%&e ? Ta-&e* Ne,#ra

    C+7=e#e :+r %*-,%* 300 +! +,r !%r7 $+r &+$ -a* #&e e*era =,?%-


    DNVisit houses0 7ro?e5ts0 tours0 ehibitions0 other books0 7ubli5ations666 an1 our ;ebsite at ---6neutra6org6 Cou 5an 7ur5hase the Tas5hen book or others -e 3eature in oursite9sbookstore6



    BR H+$ %!!%-,# % %# #+ 7a%*#a%* #&% ea-> D+ #&e ?,%%* re,%re re=a%r>

    H+$ -a* #&e ?e =re'e*#e !r+7 %*a==r+=r%a#e re7+e%*>

    DNThe. 1o [email protected] maintenan5e8 re7airs an1 lo,ing attention -ith an e.e 3or the

    original intent o3 the 1esign6 Too o3ten 7eo7le [email protected] these 7ro?e5ts an1 sub?e5t them toa 7ersonal ,ie- o3 9;hat the eutras -oul1 ha,e -ante169 ;oul1 .ou retou5h .ourPi5asso to mat5h .our 7ersonal taste or 1e5orF

    Sumber: htt7:GG---6neutra6orgGbe,erl.6html $$G(G2*$+ $*62$

    2. R%-&ar Ne,#ra ,+#e

    I am an e.e-itness to the -a.s in -hi5h 7eo7le relate to themsel,es an1 to ea5h other0

    an1 m. -ork is a -a. o3 s5oo7ing an1 la1ling that e7erien5e6

    Sumber: htt7:[email protected]@uotesGauthorGRi5har1HeutraG(G$$G2*$+

    In $'))0 eutra -rote a letter 1es5ribing his i1eas 3or the buil1ing to the 1istinguishe1Mo1ern ar5hite5t Pietro /ellus5hi6 /ellus5hi -as not onl. the 1ean o3 the S5hool o3Ar5hite5ture at the Massa5husetts Institute o3 Te5hnolog.0 but more 7ertinent to an.embass. 7ro?e5t ha1 ?ust been a77ointe1 to the ne-l. 3orme1 Ar5hite5tural A1,isor.>ommittee AA>0 establishe1 in Januar. $')(6 The AA>0 re7lete -ith ar5hite5tural

    stars an1 Ameri5an Institute o3 Ar5hite5t &ol1 Me1al -inners an1 hea1e1 b. a 3ormer"oreign Ser,i5e o33i5er0 ha1 been 5reate1 in res7onse to a gro-ing >ongressional alarmo,er the so5alle1 internationalL st.le o3 ar5hite5ture use1 3or im7ortant buil1ingsabroa16 In his letter0 eutra use1 a ,oi5e one -oul1 use onl. among 5on3i1antes an1


    The building is sited in the green triangle of Karachi where the bend in Victoria

    Road occurs between the entrances to the Sind lub garden and the !overnors

    "alace, in the #idst of the chloro$hyll of foliage #asses% &e have added to the

    triangle the landsca$ed bay which reaches westward fro# the o$en s$ace under the

    '#bassadorial wing and can be seen beyond the reflection $ool% &ater and foliage,greenery and shade, as here under the building, are rare in the desert of the

    southwest "a(istan coast The sche#e is a #ore clearly longitudinal one with a

    loco#otive $ulling it toward the triangle and a fortissi#o enrich#ent of golden

    detail at the $orte)cochere, $ro*ected far beyond the reflection $ool, and above it the

    large green glare)$roof glass of the stac(+ of rece$tion lobbies% n the north side,

    louvers -also gold)anodi.ed/, which 0 used early in the ga#e -as early as 1234 with

    the Kauf#ann Desert 5ouse%/

    Rather 1isingenuousl.0 gi,en Alean1ers 3rustrations -ith the barrel ,aults0 eutra tells/ellus5hi N -ho as a member o3 the AA> has some 7o-er o,er the 1esign that he

    -as ins7ire1 b. the moti3 he sa- else-here in south Asia -ith its rh.thmi5all. rolling



    onestor. gables6L Then he gets more honest again: There is 7ra5ti5all. no 7leasantsolution on the -est 3ront6 All -in1o-s are a thermal nuisan5e an1 noo matter -hat -e1o the outlook is 1ismal6 o embellishment o3 the .ar1 -ill hel7 N the sun -ill glare0an1 the best is to 5onsi1er sha1e1 narro- stri7s o3 o7enings here0 in the 1ire5tion o3 the

    Arabian Sea bree4es6 I -ish the sea -ere 5lose an1 ,isible L

    To be a little more s7e5i3i50 the 3ortissimo enri5hmentL is the 1ramati5 N i3 not1o-nright gau1. N entran5e6 It 5om7rise1 an elongate1 7orte5o5here o3 se,en largegol1 ano1i4e1 aluminum beams -ith a thin metal roo30 su77orte1 b. se,en steel 5ablesaligne1 -ith the se,en gol1 ano1i4e1 aluminum ,erti5al ribs 1i,i1ing si 3ullheightse5tions o3 glass -in1o-s6

    In N#tre Ne#r0 eutra 1es5ribe1 his e7erien5e in /angla1esh that s7eaks to his5uriosit.6

    's 0 usually do in such cases, whether 0 travel in "eru or Kenya, 0 began by sittingon the ground% 0 laid so#e color crayons beside #e on the grass, $ut a big s(etch $ad

    on #y (nees, and $roceeded to draw so#e scenes along the 6rah#a$utra, including

    the grinning in7uisitive faces of the boys and girls who crowded around #e% 0t is

    a#a.ing what you can learn in such situations fro# facial e8$ressions and

    s$ontaneous gestures%+

    Sumber: htt7:GGbarbaralam7re5ht65omG2*$2G*QG2+Gtheobsoles5en5eo3o7timismneutraan1alean1ersusembass.kara5hi7akistanG$2G(G2*$+

    De%* %* #&e N,-ear Ae

    ;hen Ri5har1 eutra 7ublishe1 Sr"i"#$ T%ro% Desinin $')( he inten1e1 the titleto be taken literall.6 Mankin1 riske1 su11en annihilation unless it 5ame to gri7s -ith thealternatel. liberating an1 1e,astating e33e5ts o3 ar5hite5tural 1esign6 Sr"i"#$ T%ro%

    Desin 5atalogs the horrors o3 insalubrious -aste that surroun1 us an1 instru5ts therea1er ho- the e7ert 1esigner0 b. sha7ing mans most intimate s7a5es0 5an heal our-oun1s6 In1ee10 eutra grante1 them a 1e5isi,e role in the 3uture sur,i,al o3 humanit.6e also suggeste1 that most 1esigners -ere slo-l. killing their 5lients6

    eutras 5on5ern throughout the book is the health o3 mo1ern 1-ellers brains an1ner,esL eutra $')(: %20 -hi5h in his ,ie- ha1 be5ome 1isease16 Although the threato3 the atomi5 bomb seems to haunt e,er. 7age0 eutra more 7ro,o5ati,el. suggeste1that Ameri5ans -ere being irra1iate1 along -ith the Ja7anese0 onl. at a slo-er 7a5e6;ith the hel7 o3 al7ha 7arti5les an1 gamma ra.s0 -e 5an in3luen5e e,en the innermost5hromosomati5 base o3 the s7e5ies an1 5ause hereto3ore unhear1o3 mutations0L hee7laine1 26 Although the atomi5 bomb ha1 7o7ulari4e1 s7e5ta5ular 1angers o3 thiskin10 there are man. less 5ons7i5uous ones0L he solemnl. obser,e1 +6 Ultra,ioletlight0 although seemingl. harmless0L -orke1 on ones ner,ous s.stem like an atom

    bomb e7lo1ing o,er a long0 sustaine1 7erio1 o3 time6 /a1 1esign -as analogous to the

    saturation bombingL o3 Vietnam he later suggeste1 eutra $'': $(26 /ut eutras



    -orr. -as less -ith the [email protected] o3 ultra,iolet light something that 5oul15on5ei,abl. be measure1 than -ith the less measurable [email protected] o3 ones builten,ironment6 Through an in3inite number o3 stimuli0L he e7laine10 houses0 roa1net-orks0 an1 5ities sha7e an1 alter the ner,ous li3e o3 the -hole 5ommunit. +6 !,en

    more unsettling -as the i1ea that the sur,i,al o3 the s7e5ies as a -hole -as at stake6

    eutra 3oun1 su77ort 3or the latter 5laim in the -ritings o3 7reDar-inian e,olutionists6Des7ite his 5onstant iteration o3 his belie3 in sur,i,al o3 the 3ittest0 at 5ru5ial 7oints inthe tet he turns to 1e5isi,el. nonDar-inian sour5es 3or su77ort6 Re5ent 1is5o,eries in

    biolog.0 he 5onten1s0 sho- that mans inheritable substan5e itsel3 5an be mol1e16LDesign elements a33e5te1 not onl. the li3e o3 those -ho use1 thema relati,el.inno5uous 5laimbut the ,er. DA o3 its users an1 their 7rogen.6 This ne- 1is5o,er.0

    eutra a33irme10 a11e1 a great 1eal to the 7restige an1 signi3i5an5e o3 1esignL +6$BThe 1esigner0 he re3le5te10 no- has an un5ann. le,erage on mankin1L ?okingl.1es5ribing them as a guil1 o3 messiahsL eutra $'': )(0 $*$6 In1ee10 Sr"i"#$T%ro% Desinis an elaborate 1e3ense o3 the 1esigner an10 more im7ortantl.0 3or theirinnate gi3t: sensiti,it. be.on1 the 5a7a5it. o3 an. ma5hine6 An1 the timing o3 this1e3ense 5orres7on1e1 7re5isel. -ith the moment he surren1ere1 his large s5aleambitions to re3orm so5iet.6 "rom his 3irst book 'ie #t Aeri*#+ $'2% to Sr"i"#$T%ro% Desinthere is a strong 1ri3t a-a. 3rom so5ial mo1els base1 on uni,ersal0 butnonbiologi5al 7rin5i7les to a neurastheni5 attention to the 1etails o3 in1i,i1ual bo1.5hemistr.6

    >onsi1er0 3or instan5e0 a striking 7assage in 5ha7ter $* o3 Sr"i"#$ T%ro% Desin-hi5h is 1e,ote1 to an anal.sis o3 the su7ersubtle e33e5ts o3 te5hnologi5al 7ro5esses onthe ner,ous s.stem6 Sur7risingl.0 eutras stress throughout the 5ha7ter an1 the bookmore generall. is not at all on the so5ial e33e5ts o3 roa1 net-orks an1 urban 7lanning0-hi5h are s5ar5el. mentione10 an1 not e,en on the 5onstru5tion o3 1omesti5ar5hite5ture6 Rather0 he 3o5uses almost e5lusi,el. on the 7ermeation o3 ,irtuall.untra5eable te5hnologi5al 7ro5esses into the mi5robiolog. o3 ones 1ail. eisten5e6There are numerous threats in those unhee1e1 b.7ro1u5tsL o3 human in,ention0 heobser,es (6 The most 1angerous threats to humanit.s eisten5e lie not in the so5ial3abri5 at large0 but in the smallest 1oseL o3 ill5on5ei,e1 1esign0 -hat he 1es5ribes asthe multitu1inous mi5ro1osages o3 stimuliL eutra $'': Q*6 Obs5ure0 seemingl.insigni3i5ant elements0L he re7eate1l. a33irms0 ma. 7ro1u5e 1isastrous e33e5ts i3 gi,ensu33i5ient timeL Q6 Or1inar. soot in 5himne.s0 h.1ro5arbons 3rom kerosene lam7s0

    an1 mi5ro3ibers 1islo1ge1 3rom -oo1 are ?ust a 3e- o3 more than t-o hun1re1 kno-n5ar5inogeni5 substan5esL that su33use the entire urban surroun1ings o3 our ageL (6eutra argues that -e are being assaulte1 b. our en,ironment at e,er. turn an1 thathumanit. is su33ering un1er an a,alan5he o3 unasserte1 so5alle1 7rogress6L That thisregress is unasserte1Lthere is no 1i5tator or o,ert enem. 7resen5e 5omman1ing usonl. makes its 1anger all the more 1ea1l.6

    eutras larger 5laim is that 7ost-ar mans biolog. has un1ergone a trans3ormation thatblunts the sensation o3 a5ute but lo- 1egree 3orms o3 su33ering6 !,en harsh neon signsLas -e @ui5kl. 7ass them on the 3ree-a. are literall. ner,e-re5king to us0 -hether -ekno- it or notL )6 eutra is not 5on5erne1 -ith the 3lagrant eternal e33e5tL o3 these

    signs on the retina0 but insists there are more 1e5isi,e internal 3a5tors in,ol,e16



    Although the o,ert 7h.siologi5al im7a5t o3 neon signs is minimal0 there are lingeringe33e5ts o3 harsh 5olor 5ombinations that slo-l. an1 1e,astatingl. 1e7lete mans 7h.si5alan1 mental reser,es6

    >ha7ter 2$ is 1e,ote1 to a 7e5uliar anal.sis o3 the not 5ons5iousl. re5or1e1L butne,ertheless inehaustibleL e33e5ts o3 o1ors an1 ta5tile sensations on the ner,ouss.stem $(Q6 eutras 5on5ern here is s7e5i3i5all. the sub5ons5ious 7h.siologi5ale33e5ts o3 integral ehalationsL 7ro1u5e1 b. stru5tural an1 3inishing materials6 emuses on a histor. o3 ar5hite5ture 3la,ore1 b. smellsL an1 not b. sight $(%B6 "oream7le0 eutra makes an etraor1inar. lea7 3rom the 7rimar. 5om3ort o3 a 3loatingmani3ol1 sus7ension in the uterusL to the resilien5e o3 har1-oo1 3looring $)*6 In

    eutras han1s0 material ehalations link 1esign to the most 7rimor1ial e,ents o3biologi5al genesis6 eutra suggests that mo1ern sub?e5ts 7re3er har1-oo1 to 5ement3looring be5ause the almost im7er5e7tible resilien5e o3 -oo1 e,okes the sensation o3uterine sus7ension6 eutra nonetheless 5autions the rea1er not to negle5t the bene3its o3

    5ement 3looring6 A more nuan5e1 an1 7re5ise a55ount o3 materials0 he suggests0 -oul1sho- that 5ement 3looring is in 3a5t more e,o5ati,e o3 7rimor1ial sus7ension than -oo1or tile be5ause less bo1. heat is lost through its me1ium6 Peo7le ma. be misgui1e1 intheir ,ie- o3 har1-oo1 as more trul. 5onne5te1 -ith 7renatal e7erien5e0 but the. are3ar 3rom misgui1e1 in their belie3 that that e7erien5e or1ers their taste6 T%e ,ren#t#$e-,erien!e o s%e$ter0L eutra 5onten1s0 1e3ines the basis o3 1esign an1 5onstru5tion6S7a5e itsel30 he e7lains0 is a multisensorial 7ro1u5t -hi5h begins to e,ol,e 3or us-hile -e are still in the uterusL $)Q6 An1 again the i1ea is ke.: the sensation o33loating in the e,enl. -arm [email protected] me1ium o3 the mothers -omb is a 7rimar. 3a5tormol1ing our later rea5tions to an outer -orl1L $)Q6 ;hat this argument suggests is a3un1amental trans3ormation in eutras 1e3ense o3 7re3abri5ation6 In his 7re-ar -ritings

    eutra stresse1 the nee1 3or 7re3abri5ation 3or its e5onomi5 e33i5ien5.0 en,ironmentalsustainabilit.0 an1 so5ial bene3its8 in his 7ost-ar -ritings eutra still makes the 5ase 3or

    7re3abri5ation but no- almost entirel. on 7s.5hoanal.ti5 groun1s62B

    eutras 7s.5holog. is 1e5isi,el. un"reu1ian in his em7hasis on 7reOe1i7al notionso3 uterine sus7ension6 is mo1el on this a55ount -as a -i1el. kno-n tet b. "reu1ianma,eri5k San1or "eren54i6 In $'2+ "eren54i 7ublishe1 T%#$#ss#/ A T%eor oenit#$it0 a bioanal.ti5L treatise0 -hi5h arti5ulate1 an etreme ,ision o3 the 7reOe1i7al 5on1itions o3 human 1e,elo7ment6 A55or1ing to "eren54i0 the 7ur7ose o3mansB -hole e,olution5an be nothing other than an attem7t on the 7art o3 the ego

    to return to the mothers -omb0 -here there is no 7ain3ul 1isharmon. bet-een ego an1en,ironment as 5hara5teri4es eisten5e in the eternal -orl1L "eren54i $'2+B $'Q:$6 "eren54i imagine1 that all 3orms o3 human 7ra5ti5ese abo,e allaime1 at thegenital reestablishment o3 the intrauterine situationL 2Q6 /irth0 in this a55ount0 -as a5atastro7heL an1 se -as an e33ort to re,erse the situation but -as 1oome1 onl. tore7eat it6+B ;hile the 3irst 7art o3 the book 1es5ribes the ontogenesis o3 in1i,i1ual li3e

    7atterns as one o3 -omb lust an1 o,er5oming the 5atastro7he o3 birth0 the se5on1 7art1es5ribes the 7h.logeni5 7arallel that re5urs 3rom 7rimor1ial times until to1a.6 It -as"eren54is i1ea that

    the entire intrauterine e8istence of the higher #a##als were only a re$lica of the

    ty$e of e8istence which characteri.ed that aboriginal $iscine $eriod, and birth itself



    nothing but a reca$itulation on the $art of the individual of the great catastro$he

    which at the ti#e of the recession of the ocean forced so #any ani#alsto ada$t

    the#selves to a land e8istence, above all to renounce gill)breathing and $rovide

    the#selves with organs for the res$iration of air(45 e7=&a% %* +r%%*a).

    "or "eren54i0 birth trauma itsel3 -as a re7etition o3 an e,en more 7rimor1ial birth5atastro7he0 the 3or5e1 a1a7tation 3rom an o5eani5 eisten5e to li,ing on 1r. lan16 The

    7ain3ul renun5iation o3 ones -ater. en,ironment 3or habitation on 1r. lan1 is re7la.e1-ithin in1i,i1ual 7s.5holog. in the mo,ement 3rom -ater. -omb to a 1r. -orl1outsi1e6 In1ee10 eutra sa- the 1esert o3 Palm S7rings an1 #os Angeles itsel3 astraumati5 lo5ations -here he 5oul1 3ashion re7arati,e re7la.s or re"ers#$s o3 the

    7rimor1ial trauma an1 thereb. 7ro,i1e air 3or gill5hoke1 masses6

    eutras 3as5ination -ith uterine sus7ension an1 more generall. -ith neonatal1e,elo7ment le1 him to imagine the 7regnant mother as the r3esiner6 The e7e5tant

    mother hol1s man. lessons 3or the e7e5tant ar5hite5t0L he 1e5lare1 in his late stu1. o3urturing In1i,i1ualit.L eutra $'': +'6 Mothers are great 1esigners be5ause the.

    bear an innate gi3t 3orsense5ons5ious surroun1ingsL (*6 e 5ontinues:

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