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Meditation for the Good Life


  • Kabbalah Focus
  • Kabbalah Focus : Special Word Blessings Ket Hei Tatir - rid of negative energy Mem Hei Shin - Healing letters Rafooah - Healing, rofeh - healer
  • Kabbalah Focus : Yud (10) Momentum Cosmic messenger of the power of momentum, movement and change. With value of 10, it is linked to the Sefirot and the 10 energy essences that sustain life through movement. Meditate on Yud and Overcome inner enslavement and compulsion Liberate talent, ability, interest that is now dormant within.
  • Kabbalah Focus : Dimensions of the Human Soul Nefesh - Physical Instincts Ruach - Emotions Neshamah - Mind Chayah - Bridge to the transcendent awareness Yechidah - Cosmic Unity
  • Kabbalah Focus : Wholeness
    • Vov
    • Signifies - space, mass and physical wholeness, every object contains six dimensions: above, below, right and left, front and back
    • Meditate on vov to strengthen your sense of interconnection and your actual social network in daily life
    • And - join together, things seemingly separate and even contradictory - such as in a conflict- can be seen to comprise a higher unity. With the right attentiveness, we can perceive the nature of that unity and thereby resolve conflicts.
  • HISBONENUS The Handbook on Actualization (Kuntres Hahitpaalut) based on Rabbi Dov Baers original text by Schenur Zalman Stern Copyright 1993 S.Z. Stern
    • Isolate . . . Yourself from the illusions of past and future. Past and future do not actually exist. All that exists is the continuum of NOW. Underlying the ever-present NOW is the eternal presence of Hashem. Hashem is the true existence. Everything in comparison to Hashem is as if it does not exist at all. Settle into the ever-present NOW and ponder the eternal presence of Hashem.
  • Preparation (continued)
    • Fixate . . . On the continuous unfolding of creation. Perceive every detail in every moment as part of Hashems plan to prepare the creation to delight in the ecstasy of his happiness.
  • Preparation (continued)
    • Meditate . . . On the pleasantness of Hashem, on your desire to experience and express the Divine, on your resolve to do your part to prepare the world for the revealation of infinite joy and happiness.
  • Preparation (continued)
    • Awaken . . . The altruistic desires within your soul to serve Hashem for the sake of his satisfaction and for the benefit of creation.
  • Preparation (continued)
    • Express . . . The Divine will through your will. Identify with Hashems passion to share His happiness with the creation.
  • PERCEPTION - Light of the Sun
    • ACKNOWLEDGE . . . The tenuous state of creation: We exist only by virtue of Hashem masking the revelation of His Divine infinite light
    • A Metaphor: An overcast sky obscures the sun. A shaft of light streams through a break in the clouds. The shaft of light exists only by virtue of the clouds holding back the bulk of the suns radiance. Similarly, we exist only as an effect of Hashem masking the revelation of the Ohr Ain Sof, His Divine radiance. However, unlike a shaft of sunlight, we remain forever within our source, within the midst of the all-encompassing Divine iight. Yet, miraculously Hashem masks the revelation.
  • PERCEPTION - Light of the Sun
    • PERCEIVE . . .darkness and negativity as blindingly bright manifestations of Divine light. Through this faith, we acclimate ourselves to the lights intensity, and gain the strength to openly perceive the light.
    • Out of love for us, Hashem is giving us the opportunity to participate in preparing ourselves and the creation for the revelation of His infinite light. Through mitzvot, we infuse the creation with the power of the Divine happiness, the pure essence of Hashem that transcends the Ohr Ain Sof. This Power of Essence transforms the creation into a state of being wherein it can enjoy the revelation of the Divine infinite light. The extent to which the creation is transformed and prepared to enjoy this revelation is a direct effect of our faith and joy in the face of darkness and negativity, and the purity of our intent in our performance of mitzvot.
  • PERCEPTION - Light of the Sun
    • MEDITATE . . . On the fact that Hashem is continuously orchestrating the creation in such a way as to give us the opportunity to take part in transforming this world into the garden of His delight. Perceive life as a manifestation of Divine love and light. Sense your desire to be a partner with Hashem in creation.
  • PERCEPTION - Light of the Sun
    • INTEND. . . To please Hashem and benefit the creation through your joyous participation as a co-creator. Rejoice in every moment of life as the unfolding of Divine love and light. Be compelled by the passion of your soul to actuate the Divine happiness within the creation.
  • PERCEPTION - Light of the Sun
    • IDENTIFY. . . With your Divine sparks joy in pleasing Hashem and benefiting creation. Feel this joy compelling you to do your part to prepare yourself and the world to delight in the ecstasy of the Divine happiness.
  • Tree of Life Focus : Hesed (Mercy) - Emotional Realm Arouse capacity to experience warmth, compassion and friendship. Cultivate GRATITUDE as a habitual outlook. One who acts with loving-kindness below arouses loving-kindness above. Zohar Compassion exerts a mystical effect on the entire universe.
  • Kabbalah Focus
    • Tet - Consciously perform good deeds, travel - Each person is destined from on high to be in a particular place at a particular time. . . When you have occasion to travel, it is for your own good. Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav
  • Kabbalah Focus
    • Chet - Greater vitality and physical well being
    • Daled - Four Realms of Cosmos
      • Emanation (Azuluth)
      • Creation (Beriah)
      • Yetzirah (Formation]
      • Assiyah [Action]
  • Kabbalah Focus : Lamed 30
    • Lamed: A heart that understands knowledge. . . When our knowledge is heartfelt, and not just cerebral, everything advances toward divine redemption.
    • No Lashan hara: Be not like a fly seeking sore spots. Cover up your neighbors flaws and reveal them not to the world.
  • Kabbalah Focus : Mem 40
    • Maggid - Wise Teacher and Spirit Guide
    • Moloch - Angel (messenger)
      • Elyon - Arch
      • Peace - Shalom
      • Service - Sharet (Yin)
    • Meditate on MEM to Experience deeper realms of spirituality
    • Miracle Amplified - Nissa piersoomaa