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  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    Brueninghaus Hydromatik

    R E 980 69/04.95

    H yd rostatic D rive S ystem s forFork Lift Trucks

  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    Hydrostatic Drive Systems for Fork Lift Trucks

    In order to ens ure integration into com plex

    logistic systems increased d emands are placed

    on the d rive hydraulics of the new generation

    fork truck with respect to


    High rate of continuou s pe rformance

    Low consumption of energy

    Extremely flexible

    Eccologically acceptableReduced noise and

    exhaust emission

    Ease of operation and travel

    Simple operation

    Hydrostatic drive systems from Brueninghau s

    Hydromatik fulfil these requirements to a large

    extent and offer special advantages when us ed

    in transmission drives of for steering and service


    Maximum tractive effort even at lower d iesel


    Closed loop load limiting co ntrol of diesel


    Sens itive manoeu vring b y "inching" even

    at high engine speeds

    Freedom of design regarding positioning

    of hydraulic compon ents in vehicle chass is

    Drives, Co ntrol, Movem ent.

    A com plete transm ission

    system from a s ingle

    s up plier. For

    Ind us trial fork lift trucks

    Ro ugh terrain fork lift trucksTeles copic fork lift trucks

    Side lift trucks

    Transportable fork lift trucks





  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    As pa rt of the Mannes mann Rexroth group of

    companies we are in a position of being able

    to also sup ply serveral control devices, valves

    and mechanical drives, such as splitter gear

    box, wheel motors, etc.

    The quality of the Brueninghaus Hydromatik

    products is along with the high level of

    technologies the reason for content customers


    The certification as to DIN ISO 9001 therefore

    is the log ical result of our extensive quality

    assurance strategy.

    Automotive travel, travel as comfortable

    as with a private motor car with automatic


    Smo oth chan ge of direction o f travel by

    altering swivel angle of variable pump

    Reduced b rake wear due to hydrostatic

    deceleration in closed loop circuit

    Optimum po wer distribution between d rive

    and s ervice hydraulicsFull power usage even in lower speed








    The Mannesmann Rexroth group of companies

    is ab le to offer a co mplete s olution for any drive


    Why no t talk to our fork lift truck sa les


  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    Sing le wheel drive

    Hydros tatic drive (m obile transmis sion)

    Indus trial fork lift trucks -

    load cap acity up to ap prox. 7.5 ton s

    Diffe ren tial effec t th rou gh s ingle wh ee l d rive , low ce ntre of g ravi ty of v eh icle

    Travel speed / displacement Vg/Vg max










    Revolutions n (rpm)

  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    Variable displac eme nt pump A4VG

    Closed loop circuit

    Nominal pressure 400 bar

    Peak pressure 450 bar

    See data sheet RE 92 003

    Variable displacement pump A10VG

    Sizes 28 and 45

    Closed loop circuit

    Nominal pressure 300 bar

    Peak pressure 350 bar

    See data sheet RE 92 750

    Hydraulic mot or MCR

    Low speed high torque

    Drum drive with integral plug-in fixed

    displacement motor A2FE


  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    Roug h terrain fork lift trucks -

    load ca pac ity up to ap prox. 8 tons

    Axle drive

    Hydros tatic drive (mobile transm ission)

    Large control range through use of variable displacement pumpand variable displacement motor

    Travel on rough terrain by means of axle drive (optional mechanical differential locking)



  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    Motor (diesel)

    Axial piston pum p

    Flexible high pres sure lines

    Axial piston m otor


    Service hydraulics


    Freedom o f des ign regarding pos itioning of drive com ponen ts in vehicle chas sis


    Varia ble dispa lce men t pump A4VG...DAD

    For further information s ee

    data sh eet RE 92 00 3

    Selection of travel direction

    Selection of speed, dependent on

    no. o f revolutions

    Closed loop load limiting control

    Integral inching function

    Pressure cut-off

    Variable displacement motor A6VM...DA

    For further information s ee

    data sh eet RE 91 60 4

    Selection of speed, dependent on

    no. of revolutions

  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    Hydraulic inching and brake function

    Hydraulic fine inc hing valveBy operating the brake pedal the hydraulic fine

    inching valve, together with the operating brake,

    caus es a redu ction of the swivel angle at the

    pump o utside the respons e range of the

    operating brake.

    This means :

    secu re deceleration / b raking

    less wear on the b rake

    sensitive shunting




    Hydraulic rotary inching valveActuation of the rotary inching valve causes a

    proportional reduction in the pump pilot

    pressure, causing the pump to swivel back to

    Vg min= 0 .

    Reduction of travel speed until the vehicle

    comes to standst i llReduction in wear of brake




    A4VG A6VM

    DA DA

    Brake cylinder

    Rotary inching valve

    Vg max

    (Zero position)

    Vg min

    = 0

  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    Electron ic control of fork lift trucks

    Automotive travel characteristic

    Travel velocity depend ent on d iesel eng ine


    Adjustable DA characteristic

    Load limiting control

    Diesel pull-down may be s elected for any

    value over complete range

    Controlled s election of travel velocity

    independent of diesel engine speed

    Diesel engine speed control dependent on

    usage and power requirement of service


    Hydraulic variable displacement m otor

    linked to con trol concept

    Optional integral brake control



    Microc on troller M C7

    Cons tant Speed Drive (CSD) on increasing

    engine speed by operation of service


    On request various acceleration and

    deceleration parameters may be set

    externally via control box BB-3








    Control box BB-30




    Mechanicalinjection pum por thro ttle valve

    Battery 12/24 V-

    Speed sensor

    Mic roco ntrol ler MC+

    Softwa re FGR



    Direction of travel



    Brake control

    Inching/brake pedal




    Emergency off


    Tilt ExtraLiftDrive pedal



    Electrohydraulicpositioning system

    A2FM/E A6VM/E

    A4FM MCR

    Command value

    Actual value

    Seat s witch

    RS 232


  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    Microprocessor Control

    Positioning cylinder

    e.g. Electrohydraulic positioning cylinder

    type MHCSP, see data sheet RE 64 568

    Control box VT 12321 (BB-3)

    for diagno stics an d for setting

    parameters in combination with the MC

    For further information s ee data s heets

    RE 29 79 8 and RE 95 080

    Load limiting con trol func tion

    S pe e d se nso re.g. Ind uctive im puls e dete ctor ID

    See data sheet RE 95 038

    Hall ef fec t s pe ed sen s or HD

    See data sheet RE 95 042

    Gas potent iomete r

    e.g. Encapsu lated potentiometer GP

    See data sheet RE 95 037






    P e r m i s s i b l e p u s h d o w n

    Solenoid current

    Var. displ. pumpDiesel motorT1T1

    Gas potent.


    travel spe ed

    t (time)




    ma x

    m ax2


    Microcont roller MC7For further information

    see data s heet RE 95 050

    n (rpm) Vg(cm3)

    Varia ble displa ce men t pu mp A4VG...EPD

    For further informationsee data sheet RE 92 003

    Selection of travel direction an d


    Pressure cut-off

  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    S ervice Hydrau lics for Fork Lift Trucksopen loop circuit - drive with fixed or variable displacement pumps

    Control device s

    Rexroth p ilot devices for hydraulic con trol

    e.g. TH5, TH6 or TH7

    For further information s ee data s heetsRE 64 55 2 / RE 64 556 / RE 64 558

    Gear pum p G2/G3

    For further information s ee data s heets

    RE 10 03 0 and RE 10 039

    Variable d isplac eme nt pump A10VO

    For further information

    see data sheet RE 92 701

    Examp le: Com bination pum p A4VG + G3

    Fixed or variable displacemen t pump s for the

    service hydraulics may be mounted onto the

    through drive of the variable pum p for the drive

    k no s plitter gearbox required



    Lift Tilt

    Priority flow divider

  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    Inte rnal g ear pum p GF3

    Valve block M 2-10 Accum ulator charging valve

    Compact brake valve LT 13

    Basic circuit diagram for service h ydraulics, with priority flow divider


    Lift Tilt


  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    FiltrationCriteria for functional s afety of axial piston units






    Filter pore sizeIn orde r to ens ure the functional safety of axial piston units the following cleanliness

    classes are the minimum requirement:9 to NAS 16 38

    6 to S AE

    18/15 to ISO/DIS 4406

    In add ition, for the A4VG/A10VG we recommen d that (depending on the s ystem and


    filter elements 20 ... 30 1 00

    As the pres sure difference at the filter element increas es, is not allowed to decrease.At very high fluid temperatu res (90C up to maximum 115C) the following cleanlinessclasses are the minimum requirement:

    8 to NAS 16 38

    5 to S AE

    17/14 to ISO/DIS 4406

    The finer the filtration th e be tter the fluid

    cleanliness class o btained and the higher the

    service life of the axial piston units.

    Use filters without bypass .

    Recommendation: use clogging indicators.

    For further information on filtration of the fluids

    see the data sheets on the pumps.

    In pres sure filtration, op timum co ld start

    conditions are produced as a result of the

    integrated filter short circuit valve.

    Stand ard: su ction filtration

    (A4VG / A10 VG)

    Variation: pres su re filtration

    (A4VG / A10 VG)

  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    FluidsCriteria for fluids for a xial piston units


    Eccologically acceptab le fluids

    Currently three different types of eccolog ically

    acceptable fluids are a vailable:

    k Hydraulic fluid bas ed o n vegetable oil,

    HETG (e.g. rap e oil)

    k Synthetic oil based o n po lyglycol, HEPG

    (e.g. po lyethylen-eglycol P EG)

    k Synthetic hydraulic fluid bas ed

    on es ters, HEE

    Note: Even eccologically acceptable fluids mus t

    be disp osed of in accordance with the relevant

    disposal regulat ions.

    For further information

    see data sheet RE 90 221.

    Fluids bas ed on m ineral oils

    There are many fluids bas ed on m ineral oils

    which are more or less suitable for us e in

    hydrostatic drives.

    Their use is primarily decided upo n due to their

    wear, viscosity and temperature characteristics

    taking into acco unt protection agains t oxidation

    and co rrosion, com patibility with other

    materials, etc.

    For further information

    see data sheet RE 90 220.

    Fire resis tant fluids

    These hydraulic fluids are mainly used in

    mining and machinery used underground. In

    practice they are known as HF fluids (H =

    hydraulics, F = fire resistan t) and they may be

    sub-divided into four groups:

    k HFA oil in water emulsion;

    water content 95...98 % of weight

    kHFB water in oil emulsion ;water content > 40 % of weight

    k HFC water based solutions

    (mainly with glycols);

    water content 35...55 % of weight

    k HFD synthetic fluid;

    water content 0,1 % of weight

    For further information

    see data sheet RE 90 223.

    Brueninghaus Hydromatik products may also

    be operated using eccologically acceptable

    fluids an d fire resis tant fluids as well as the

    fluids based on mineral oils.

    Operating viscosityWe recom mend that the operating viscos ity (at operating temperature) for optimum

    efficiency and idle time is selected in the range of

    op t= opt. operating viscos ity 16...36 mm

    2/ s

    with resp ect to the circuit tempe rature (close d loop) or tank temperature (open loop).

    The following values are valid for limiting co nditions*:


    = 5 mm 2/ s

    for brief period a t max. permiss ible temperature of

    tma x= 115C ,

    ma x= 1600 mm

    2/ s

    for brief period at cold start (tmin

    = 40C ).

    Data sheet RE 90 27 0 includes installation

    instructions for our axial piston units.

    For further information co nsu lt our sales

    department VEM3.

    * not permis sible in g eeral for all axial piston


  • 7/26/2019 montacarga hidraulica


    Gear pump G2/G3

    Single/double pump models or

    for mounting onto axial piston units

    Further information da ta she ets

    RE 10 03 0 and RE 10 03 9

    Mannesmann Rexroth

    Valve block SP 12

    Further information

    data sh eet RE 77 10 3

    Mannesmann Rexroth

    Radial piston m otor MCR

    (low speed, high torque)

    Further information da ta she etsRE 09 72 7 and RE 15 21 7

    Mannesmann Rexroth

    Rototrac drive GFR for wheel drives

    Further information

    data sh eet RE 77 40 4

    Lohmann + Stolterfoht


    Variable displacement pump A10VG

    Closed loop circuit

    Nominal pressure 300 b ar

    Peak pressure 350 bar

    Further informationdata shee t RE 92 750

    Variable displacement pump A4VG

    Closed loop circuit

    Nominal pressure 400 b ar

    Peak pressure 450 bar

    Further information

    data shee t RE 92 003

    Variable displacemen t pum p A10VO

    Open loop circuit

    Nominal pressure 280 b ar

    Peak pressure 350 bar

    Further information

    data shee t RE 92 701

    Variable displacement motor A6VM

    Open and closed loop circuits

    Nominal pressure 400 b ar

    Peak pressure 450 bar

    Further information

    data shee t RE 91 604

    Plant Elchinge n

    Glockeraustrae 2

    D89275 Elchingen

    Telephone (0 7 3 08) 8 20

    Telefax (0 73 08) 72 74

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    Telephone (0 74 51 ) 9 20

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    Brueningha us Hydromatik GmbH

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