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2. STANDAR KOMPETENSIBerbicara10. Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks fungsionalpendek dan monolog sederhana berbentuk news itemdalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hariKOMPETENSI DASARBerbicara10.1 Mengungkapkan makna dalam bentuk teks lisanfungsional pendek (misalnya undangan), resmi dan tak resmidengan menggunakan ragam bahasa lisan sederhana dalamberbagai konteks kehidupan sehari-hari 3. TUJUAN PEMBELAJARAN Pada akhir pembelajaran, siswa dapat :Mengidentifikasi informasi tertentu dari undangan Menyampaikan undangan lisanNilai Karakter :1.Menghargai orang lain2. Kerjasama3. Kreatif4. Rasa Ingin Tahu 4. Kinds of invitations :1. Formal invitations2. Semi formal invitations3. Informal invitations 5. Expression ResponseA- Accept, D- DeclineAre you free A: Sure, what did you have inon (... Friday mind?night)?D: No, Im going to my grandmothers 80th birthday party.Would you like toA: That would be great,go to ( ... a picnic thanks.on SundayD: No can do, I have aafternoon)?soccer game. 6. Expressions Response A- Accept, D- DeclineHow about goingA: That sounds great. Whatto ( ... the moviestime?with me this D: Sorry, but Ive already madeSaturday)? other plans.Id like to invite A: How kind of you to ask, Idyou to ( ... the be delighted.danceD: Im sorry, but I have athis weekend)? previous engagement.Do you want to goA: Sure. When?to ( ... the rockD: No thanks, loud concertsconcert with me)?give me an earache. 7. Example of invitationBob : Alice, what are you doing Sunday afternoon?Alice : Not much, what did you have in mind?Bob : The Fourth Avenue Street Fair is going ondowntown. Would you like to go?Alice : Sure, sounds like fun. What is it anyway?Bob : Just a bunch of vendors selling food, clothes,and what not, kind of like a carnival. There are alsostreet musicians and performers. Its interesting tojust walk around looking at the people and the sights. 8. Example of invitationAlice : What time and where do we meet?Bob : The fair opens at 9:00, but Im busy inthe morning. How about 1:00?Alice : OK, should I meet you somewherethere?Bob : Why dont I pick you up at your house?Alice : Sounds good, see you then. 9. Thats allX-6Cheerio !