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Selaput Ekstra EmbryoSelaput Ekstra Embryo Ayam?Bukannn!! !!!!!!!!!wHAtttt???Apa itu MAS BROWW????Krispy Chiken baru ya????PENJELASANKONSEPAmnion Selaput Ekstra Embryonembryo Yolksack AllantoisChorionMembran Placenta Fungsi Jenis Transpor ZatSintesa ZatPeredaran DarahAmnion KONSEP MATERI Selaput Ekstra Embryo YolksackPada AvesAllantoisChorionMATERIAmnion Yolksack Allantois ChorionSelaput Ekstra EmbryoSelaput ekstra embrio adalah lapisan pelindung bagi organ dalam yang dibatasinya. Amnion Vital functions of the membranes Keep embryo in fluid Gas exchange Removal or storage of waste materials NutritionYolksackAllantois Selaput Ekstra EmbryoChorionTerdapat hanya pada reptilia, aves dan mamaliaMATERIAmnion Yolksack Allantois Chorion Amnion thinectodermally-derived membrane enclosing embryo in fluid-filled sac For secretion andabsorption of amniotic fluidMATERIAmnion Yolksack Allantois Chorion Yolk sac endodermal, involved withnutrition of the embryo in largeyolked forms.MATERIAmnion Yolksack Allantois Chorion Allantois endodermal, originate from ventral surface of early hindgut; Act as reservoir forstoring or removing urinary wastes and mediate gas exchange between embryo and surroundingMATERIAmnion Yolksack Allantois ChorionChorion outermost membrane; In species thatlay eggs, the principal function is the respiratory exchange of gases. In mammals, nutrition, excretion, filtration and synthesis (hormone)MATERIFour Sets of Embryonic Membranes in Land Vertebrates Membranous folds formed by extension ofectoderm and endoderm underlain with lateral plate mesoderm Somatopleure forms amnion and chorion Splanchnopleure allantois and yolk sacMATERIExtraembryonic Membrane of the Chick Yolk Sac splanchnopleure grows over yolk surface; yolk as temp. floor; then completely surround the yolk Subcephalic pocket - forms floor of foregut Subcaudal pocket hindgut Midgut Yolk duct opening of the midgut Yolk stalk wall of the duct Vitelline arc yolk circulatory arc Endoderm of yolk sac absorptive and synthetic Completely resorpted 6 days after hatchingMATERIAmnion and chorion Derived from extraembryonic somatopleure First indication appears about 30 hours of incubation Somatopleure is thrown into a head fold and tail foldand lateral folds Continued growth of the amnion results in the meeting above the embryo, results to scar like thickening called amniotic rapheTHANKZ