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Laporan Tahunan 2010 Annual Report

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Nama Perusahaan :PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk

Kedudukan :Jakarta, Indonesia

Berdiri:15 Januari 1982

Modal Dasar:Rp 2.603 miliar

Modal Ditempatkan & Disetor Penuh:Rp 650,8 miliar

Kegiatan Usaha:Pembiayaan Konsumen,Sewa Pembiayaan dan Anjak Piutang

Name of Company :PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk

Domicile :Jakarta, Indonesia

Established :January 15th, 1982

Authorized Capital :Rp 2,603 billion

Issued and Fully Paid Capital :Rp 650.8 billion

Business Activities:Consumer Financing, Leasing and Factoring

Prol PerusahaanCompany Profile

4Laporan Tahunan 2010 Annual ReportPT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk.

Contact Us:PT Clipan Finance Indonesia TbkWisma Slipi 6th FloorJl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 12Jakarta 11480 Telephone : (62-21) 530 8005Facsimile : (62-21) 530 8026, 530 8027Email : :

Hubungi Kami:PT Clipan Finance Indonesia TbkWisma Slipi Lt. 6Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 12Jakarta 11480 Telepon : (62-21) 530 8005Faksimili : (62-21) 530 8026, 530 8027Email : Web :

PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk (Perseroan atau Clipan Finance) didirikan pada tahun 1982 sebagai Perseroan berbadan hukum Indonesia dan berkedudukan hukum di Jakarta, yang semula merupakan Perseroan patungan dengan pemegang saham antara lain Credit Lyonnais dari Perancis sebagai pemegang saham mayoritas dan PT Bank Pan Indonesia Tbk (Panin Bank). Clipan Finance merupakan salah satu Perseroan pembiayaan tertua di Indonesia yang telah mencatatkan sahamnya di Bursa Efek Jakarta pada tahun 1990. Melalui bursa, pada tahun 1997 Panin Bank mengambil alih kepemilikan saham Perseroan dari Credit Lyonnais yang menjadikan Panin Bank sebagai pemegang saham mayoritas Perseroan hingga kini.

Sesuai dengan ketentuan pasal 3 ayat 1 Anggaran Dasar, maksud dan tujuan Perseroan adalah menjalankan usaha sebagai Perseroan pembiayaan dengan ruang lingkup kegiatan usaha sewa pembiayaan, pembiayaan konsumen dan anjak piutang.

Saat ini kegiatan usaha Perseroan lebih difokuskan pada pembiayaan konsumen otomotif retail yang portfolionya telah mencapai 43% dari seluruh total portfolio kegiatan usaha Perseroan.

Menjadi salah satu Perseroan pembiayaan yang telah berhasil melewati krisis moneter yang melanda Indonesia pada tahun 1997, telah mereeksikan keberhasilan Perseroan dalam menjaga dan melindungi aset Perseroan dari eksposur terhadap resiko-resiko kerugian atas instrumen keuangan yang dapat mempengaruhi kelangsungan usaha dan kondisi keuangan Perseroan baik secara mikro maupun makro. Keberhasilan tersebut merupakan bukti nyata

PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk (also referred to as "The Company" or "Clipan Finance" throughout this Report) was established in 1982 as a legitimate company incorporated in Indonesia and legally domiciled in Jakarta. It was originally a joint venture company whose shareholders included Credit Lyonnais of France, with the majority shareholder being PT Bank Pan Indonesia Tbk ("Panin Bank"). Clipan Finance is one of the oldest nancing companies in Indonesia which has had its shares listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange since 1990. Through the exchange, in 1997 Panin Bank took over ownership of the Company's shares from Credit Lyonnais, making Panin Bank the majority shareholder of the Company to date.

In accordance with the provisions of article 3 paragraph 1 of its Articles of Association, the purpose and objectives of the Company is doing its business as a nancing company with the business activities of leasing, consumer nancing and factoring.

Currently, the Company is focused on retail automotive consumer nancing, whose portfolio contributed 43% to the total business portfolio of the Company.

As one of the nancing companies that successfully endured the monetary crisis that struck Indonesia in 1997, the success of the Company has been reected in its ability to maintain and protect its assets from exposure to the risks of losses inherent in nancial instruments which may aect the continuity of its operations as well as its micro- and macronancial conditions. This success serves as a clear evidence of the Companys sound and productive assets in implementing sound risk management practices as guided by the

Sekilas PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk. PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk. At A Glance

principle of prudence. The trust and full support it has been bestowed substantially by Panin Bank as its majority shareholder, especially in terms of funding, is also key to the success of the Company in weathering the crisis.

Having a focused business strategy which is always guided by the principle of prudence, supported by strong capital structure and business networks spread in many regions in Indonesia and also by professional employees as well as by a set of highly reliable, advanced, and integrated systems of technology, Clipan Finance has been empowered continually to conduct its business activities as a leading nancing company with resounding success.

As of the end of 2010, the Company had 18 branch oces and 10 marketing oces spread across the regions of Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

The Companys achievements in the last ve years have shown a remarkable growth in nancial terms. Within ve years, from 2006 to 2010, the Companys total revenues, net income and total assets increased by 161%, 300% and 246%, respectively.

Since 2000 up to 2010, various awards as the Best Multinance Company has been achieved by the Company from leading nancial media, such as InfoBank and Investor magazines. In 2010, the Association of Financing Companies in Indonesia has named the Company as the Best Multinance Company.

In conducting its business activities, the Company implements a number of business strategies that serve as a guideline that should be adhered to in facing the competition of the industry in order to survive and develop the Company's business in the coming years. The strategies are as follows:

1. Maintaining at all times a strong and close relationship with its business partners and customers and striving to increase their level of trust and satisfaction.

2. Developing new, innovative products to ll the needs of the market so as to help customers to receive the best nancial solutions possible.

3. Always seeking for alternative and better sources of funding in order to better compete in the market.

4. Conducting pricing strategy for specic products that are considered to have good resale values and measurable risks in dierent areas.

5. Expanding business in the territory which is still great potential and its market share to reach and get closer to customers in providing the best service to all business partners and customers while adjusting to economic conditions in the region.

6. Enhancing its Information Technology system with the latest developments in the eld as well as its quality of human resources so as to be reliable and professional to support the growth of its business.

bahwa Perseroan memiliki kesehatan aset yang baik dan juga merupakan bukti nyata dari komitmen yang kuat serta peran aktif Manajemen Perseroan dalam menerapkan praktik manajemen resiko yang berpedoman pada prinsip kehati-hatian. Kepercayaan dan dukungan penuh yang diberikan secara nyata dari Panin Bank selaku pemegang saham mayoritas terutama dari sisi pendanaan juga menjadi salah satu kunci keberhasilan Perseroan melewati masa krisis.

Memiliki strategi usaha yang terarah yang senantiasa mengacu pada prinsip kehati-hatian yang ditunjang oleh struktur permodalan yang kuat dan jaringan usaha yang menyebar di berbagai wilayah Indonesia, serta didukung oleh Sumber Daya Manusia yang handal dan profesional


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