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Topi Anda akan membutuhkan untuk melakukan langkah-langkah ini adalah 1. A Windows 98 CD 2. A Komputer dengan CD-ROM akses Untuk mulai menginstal Windows ini. Pertama, cek apakah perangkat boot pertama di BIOS sistem Anda diatur ke CD-ROM Drive. (Untuk mengetahui bagaimana untuk mengakses BIOS silakan merujuk ke manual motherboard anda atau produsen komputer Anda. (Sistem BIOS biasanya dapat dimasukkan ketika boot, biasanya dengan menekan tombol F1, F2, F8, F10 atau tombol DEL. Pastikan Anda menyimpan pengaturan sebelum keluar)) Jika anda tidak yakin atau tidak ingin masuk ke BIOS kemudian hanya menguji komputer dengan menempatkan CD-ROM dalam drive dan reboot komputer. Ini adalah cara yang disarankan untuk menginstal windows. Anda akan tahu bahwa komputer Anda akan / telah boot dari CD-ROM ketika layar berikut akan muncul.hat you will require to do this walkthrough is


To begin the Windows 98 install select Option 2 (Boot from CD-Rom)

The following screen will appear next. Select Option 1. (Start Windows 98 Setup from CDROM)

Your CD-ROM driver will now install, be patient this may take a few moments.

Now press Enter to continue, or F3 to exit.

Setup will now perform checks on your system, press Enter to continue.

Next Scandisk will run, let this complete or setup.

Now setup will copy important files for the install.


Setup has now begun, the mouse should now be active, press Continue to proceed. If you have a change of mind then press Exit Setup. If the mouse is not active press "ENTER" on the keyboard.

The wizard will now start. Be patient this may take a few moments.

Now select the directory you wish to install Windows into. By default C:\Windows will be selected. You can change this, but it is not advised. Click on Next to Continue.

Setup will now prepare the directory, be patient this may take a moment.

Setup now checks disk space.

What do you wish to install. We recommend Typical, which is the default. So click Next to continue.

Windows Components to be installed will now be listed. Leave at default and press Next.

If a Network card has been detected the following will appear. Fill in the details and click Next.

Now your country settings, select as needed and then press Next.

Windows will now copy files, this will take sometime. Be patient


After sometime you will be prompted to restart, Windows will do it itself, you can click on Restart Now to quicken the process.

The CD-ROM boot menu will appear. Select option 1 (Boot from Hard Disk)

Booting for first time screen will appear.

Now enter your name, company is optional. Click on Next to continue.

Now the License Agreement. Read and if you agree click on "I accept the Agreement" and click next. If you select ""I don't accept the Agreement" then setup will end.

Now input your product key or certificate authenticity code. This is 16 digits and is located on the back of your CD case or on the Windows 98 Book. If you have an OEM computer then it could be on the side or back of your computer. Click next to continue.

Next click on Finish.


Setup will now finalize the hardware and install settings.

Plug and Play Devices.....

Your computer will prompt to restart....

The CD boot menu will appear. Select option 1 (Boot from Hard Disk) and press enter.

Windows is booting.

and continuing the install of devices.


Now select your date/time settings, using the down arrow beside GMT -0800.

Once selected click on apply and then OK.

Windows will continue to setup Windows items.

The computer will now need restarted again.


The CD-ROM boot menu will appear. Select Option 1 (Boot from Hard Disk) and press enter.

Windows will continue to load.

and update System Settings.

At long last you have arrived at the desktop.

If you are lucky you will have no drivers to install, but chances are the next step will be to install them. Check out device manager for unknown devices, likely items are Network Cards, Sound Cards, Printers, Scanners, Graphics Cards, Digital Cameras, plus any other item you have.