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A short introduction of hadith terms


  • tadhkirah th Terminology


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    Translation and Footnotes :

    Abu Hasan

    Acknowle dgements :

    Shaykh Asrar Rashid

    Abu Nibras, Aqdas, Noori

    and all others who contributed to this paper.

    A special thanks to Noori for th e suggestion

    to add examples for illustration.

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    Mohammed Imtiyaz Qadiri

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    About this Epistle


    from his two -vo Al-

    - .

    Many terms are left unexplained or described tersely in the original text.

    I have tried to explain them drawing from other works, such as Shaykh

    Al - - -

    Mulaqqin fi lm al -Athar . In some places, footnotes from the printed

    edition (on which this translation is based) are also used; this is published

    by Dar Ammar -

    margins are also drawn from and Manhal al -


    Abu Hasan is a student of Islamic sciences. He translates short works and

    excerpts from books for his own edification and shares them for the

    benefit of beginners like himself.

  • Tadhkirah of Ibn Mulaqqin | 1

    Al -Tadhkirah




  • Tadhkirah of Ibn Mulaqqin | 2

    Consider the chain : from

    from Ibn mar from .

    This is continuous [ ], and

    reaches the Prophet .

    Consider : from from

    from his father

    from . This is

    an example of a continuous and

    elevated report [ -marfu ].

    Consider from from Ibn

    mar from mar and he said

    is a continuous report but stops

    [ and

    does not go further; nor attributes to

    the Prophet . Hence it is a continuous

    report that stops at the companion

    [ - ].


  • Tadhkirah of Ibn Mulaqqin | 3

    Example of a

    knowledge] or an arrogant person

    Mujahid is a and hence the above

    report is considered as .

    Example of bd al -

    from from from

    Zayd ibn Yuthai from udhayfah...

    interrupted [ disconnected , ]

    in two places: Firstly, because bd al -


    actually reports from

    Shaybah al- from

    from Shurayk who reports from

    Example of

    narrates from ibn

    from his father [ ] who

    reports from . Thus we

    know that, there ought to be two

    Hurayrah; thus the missing two

    consecutive narrators is .

    Single narrator truncation

    from from

    Salamah from from

    the Prophet . There has to be at least

    one [born

    194 AH] [d. 179 AH] .

    Truncation of all narrators except

    : Umm

    al- ayishah said:

    The Prophet would remember

    Complete truncation

    The delegation of bd al -Qays

    told the Prophet Tell us

    something concise, upon which, if

    we act, we shall enter paradise.

  • Tadhkirah of Ibn Mulaqqin | 4

    Tadl s al - :

    We were with Ibn yaynah who said:


    bd al - narrated

    to me from Mamar from


    -Muqriy says: Narrated to us

    and he

    al- Sunan.

    reported in Tir

    Ibn yaynah from

    from wsajah , the

    from .

    himself a thiqah ] reports with a mursal

    which is an

    anomaly, .

    Muslim, from Nubayshah al -

    Days [ ] are for eating and

    drinking .

    and the

    day of rafah

    all other thiqah narrators.

    Fard al -

    forbids sale or gifting of the inheritance

    of the freedman to his/her manumitter

    [ , #2535] is narrated by


    Ibn mar and he is alone in this

    narrat ion from Ibn mar .

    Fard al -Muqayyad :

    narrated by [al-

    via - from

    from from

    from -Khudriy ,


    report exclusive ly

    and no others report this.

  • Tadhkirah of Ibn Mulaqqin | 5

    is a form of Fard. Every

    is fard , but the converse is not true.



    become a perfect believer unless I am

    more dear to him than his own father

    This is narrated from

    Anas by two narrators:

    and bd al - . Then from each of

    the two, there are further two and so

    forth . From Qa : Shbah and

    . From bd al - :

    layyah and bd al - .

    r: and

    Muslim from al -Taym from

    from Anas . In addition to

    Anas; and in addition to


    deliberately attributes a false saying to

    me should prepare for his seat in hell -

    bint Qays

    bint Qays


    piety that is for worship in certain

    , #3]. The

    highlighted phrase is an addition [ ]


  • Tadhkirah of Ibn Mulaqqin | 6

    (Sanad) :

    reports from - from

    is being said,

    this route: from

    from his

    father from the Proph et .

    (Matn) :

    Hurayrah in Muslim about seven kinds

    of people who are granted the Shade

    man who gives in charity secretly, such

    that his right hand does not know what

    by one of the narrators accidentally;

    that his

    left hand does not know what his right

    narrated by

    in only eleven narrators, though Ibn

    : Like the transposition in


    [ - six in

    sittan- ].

    Musalsal : The

    love you; after every prayer, say:

    . O Allah aid

    me to be in constant remembrance of

    Yourself, and to thank you and to

    worship you in a beautiful manner.

    Every narrator tells the next one : I love

    you is one such musalsal.

  • Tadhkirah of Ibn Mulaqqin | 7



    : Which deed is the

    asan ibn Mukrim and in

    their narration have additional

    the earliest part of

    - : Consider


    al - Narrated to us

    from bd al - n

    Narrated to


    have heard heard


    heard -Ghanawiy say:

    heard say:

    sit on grav

    erroneously and he is a superfluous

    narrator in this chain; because, a

    number of thiqah narrators have

    reported from Ibn al -

    narrating from bd al -

    Similarly, a number of thiqah narrators

  • Tadhkirah of Ibn Mulaqqin | 8

  • Tadhkirah of Ibn Mulaqqin | 9

  • Tadhkirah of Ibn Mulaqqin | 10

    Seniors from Juniors : This could be

    either on the basis of age, or

    knowledge and rank, or both.

    who is lesser in rank and number of


    both younger in years and les ser in


    Fathers narrating from sons is also

    from this category. Similarly, father

    reporting from his daughter, such as


    An example of mother narrating from


    daughter Sayyidah ayishah .

    Muslim narrates

    - of al-

    Siblings :

    mar or Zayd; Ibn Mas

    and all are Companions .