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<p>PEMERINTAH KABUPATEN KLUNGKUNGDINAS PENDIDIKAN PEMUDA DAN OLAH RAGASMA NEGERI 1 NUSA PENIDAAlamat : Jln. Pendidikan Desa Ped, Kec. Nusa penida, Kode Pos : 80771</p> <p>SOAL ULANGAN UMUM SEMESTER ITAHUN PELAJARAN 2013/2014Mata Pelajaran: BahasaInggrisKelas : XII IPAHari / Tanggal: Kamis, 5 Desember 2013Waktu: 07.30 09.30 Wita</p> <p>Choose a, b, c, d or e for the correct answer by put (x) on your answer sheet.</p> <p>Ulangan Umum Semester I 2013/2014Page 6</p> <p>TEXT ICameroon is a West African country of ten million people which has been very successful in growing food for its people, unlike many other West African countries. Since 1971 it has doubled its output of major foodstuffs such as maize and potatoes. Now it is one of the few African countries able to feed itself. This was not the case five years ago when the country was only 75-80% self-sufficient in food. Although isolated pockets of hunger still remain, the World Bank nowadays gives Cameroon money to sustain, not to achieve, self-sufficiency in food production.1. The text tells us about .A. West African countriesB. Cameroons ability to feed its peopleC. major foodstuffs in West AfricaD. Cameroons food productionE. food self-sufficiency</p> <p>2. Which the following statements is TRUE about Cameroon?A. The World Bank financially supports Cameroon to maintain its self-sufficiency.B. Cameroon is the biggest and richest country among West African countries.C. It was the World Bank which financed the production of food in Cameroon.D. Similar to other West African countries, Cameroon has always been self-sufficient.E. Cameroon has succeeded in its food production because of the fertility of its soil. </p> <p>TEXT IIContinued progress in advanced technology is not necessary. Already the technical progress in our world has caused severe pollution in the air and in the water. Although the technical progress in previous years has been helpful, recent technology has significantly increased pollution. Another reason to stop technical progress is that many inventions which were developed for good causes are now also used for powerful weapons or have been found to have serious side effects. For example, pesticide put inside particle board to prevent termites has now been found to be toxic to human life. Technology does not always bring good effects; for example, computers do much work faster than man, but then man loses is job to a machine. Because no man can guarantee that technology will have only good effects and will be used only for the benefit of man, we should delay the continued development of technology.3. The authors purpose in writing this paragraph is A. to describe pollution caused by advanced technologyB. to show how advantageous advanced technology is for human beingsC. to have people stop developing advanced technologyD. to explain what further inventions in technology should be madeE. to make people implement advanced technology.</p> <p>4. Advanced technology has made peoples lives more comfortable; Nevertheless, ______A. it is causing a lot of damage to the environmentB. many inventions were developed for good causesC. it help people to kill termites through pesticidesD. many people are no longer unemployedE. it is useful and beneficial to people</p> <p>TEXT IIIA natural disaster is a terrible accident, e.g. a great flood, a big fire or an earthquake. It usually causes great suffering and loss of a large sum of money. The casualties are injured or died. Some people are homeless and need medical care.Floods occur when the water of rivers, lakes, or streams overflow their banks and pour onto the surrounding land. Floods are caused by many different things. Often heavy rainstorms that last for a brief can cause a flood. But not all heavy storms are followed by flooding. If the surrounding land is flat and can absorb the water, no flooding will occur. If, however, the land is hard and rocky, heavy rain cannot be absorbed. Where the banks are low, a river may overflow and flood adjacent lowland.In many part of the world flood are caused by tropical storms called hurricanes or typhoons. They bring destructive winds of high speed, torrents of rain, and flooding. When a flood occurs, the destruction to surrounding land can be severe. Whole villages and towns are sometimes swept away by water pouring swiftly over the land. Railroad track blocked and uprooted from their beds. Highways are washed away.When a building caught fire, the firemen pitched in to help battle the blaze. Before the pumps were invented, people formed bucket brigades to fight fires. Standing side by side, they formed a human chain from the fire to nearby well or river. They passed buckets of water from to hand to be poured on the flames.The damage of the fire did depend a great deal on where it happened. In the country or a small village, only a single house might burn down. But in crowded cities, fire often destroy whole blocks and neighborhoods before being controlled.5. When is flood more likely to happen?A. When heavy rainstorms happen on flat landB. When rainstorms happen on hard rocky landC. When heavy rainstorms happen on forest landD. When the water of the rivers overflow into absorbing landE. When banks of the river are adjacent to lowland 6. All the following information are natural disasters, except .A. RainD. hurricaneB. StormE. earthquakeC. Flood 7. Why do hurricanes or typhoons usually cause great destruction? Because theyA. bring destruction winds and torrential rainsB. are heavy enough to cause floodC. are heavy stormsD. are hard windsE. are tropical storms 8. Modern fire brigade use to fight fire.A. buckets of waterD. fire pumpB. spraying sandE. fire armC. human chain</p> <p>TEXT IVFew people now remember the sinking of the great passenger sip Colossus exactly fifty years ago. The numbers who were actually save from her was small, and some of those have died in the years since, so that those who are still alive today can be counted on the fingers of one hand.9. The main topic of the paragraph above isA. the sinking of ColossusB. the great shipC. the remembering shipD. the ship numberE. the saved Colossus 10. The following statements are correct according to the text above, exceptA. Few people remember the sinking of Colossus exactly fifty years ago.B. There were small number who were safe.C. There were small number who had died.D. There are only a few people who are still alive today.E. The sinking Colossus have the great passenger.</p> <p>11. The words below have association with the internet, except .A. website D. emailB. browsing E. excellC. chatting</p> <p>TEXT VSaudi Arabia is a country rich in oil, but poor in one of a country's most critical natural resource, fresh water. Without it, agriculture become extremely difficult and costly. Many areas are removing the salt from the sea water that surround the Arabian peninsula. Other efforts might be the floating of ice cap all way the north pole and the digging of well to reach that is underground.12. What is the topic of the paragraph?A. Fresh waterB. How to improve agricultureC. Problem faced by Saudi ArabiaD. Reason of water storageE. The shortage fresh water in Saudi Arabia</p> <p>13. What is the main idea of the paragraph?A. Fresh water is one of the most critical natural resources of a countryB. Several efforts are being made in Saudi Arabia to get fresh waterC. Water supply in Saudi Arabia is provided by removing the salt from sea waterD. Many areas in Saudi Arabia in habitable due to the lack of fresh waterE. Agriculture in Saudi Arabia is difficult and costly</p> <p>14. Rini : Im sorry for disturbing you but I need your help. Rina : Its OK.From the dialogue above we can conclude that Rini expressesA. OpinionD. AgreementB. TsunamiE. sympathyC. Refugee</p> <p>15. Dian didnt live here anymore. She . last month.A. MovedD. had movedB. Is movedE. is movingC. Moved</p> <p>16. The house . when my grandma comes.A. Is cleaningD. Is cleanedB. Is being cleanedE. CleansC. Have been cleaned</p> <p>17. The car .by the mechanic.A. is repairingD. is repairedB. repairsE. repairedC. will repair</p> <p>18. She has to be a great musician.A. lackD. disadvantageB. geniusE. modernC. talent</p> <p>19. Many people die on the street every year .traffic accidents.A. becauseD. soB. andE. thatC. because of</p> <p>20. Dian : Do you have any string?Dea : What is it for?Dian : I need it for my physics experiment.From the dialogue above we know that Dea is A. Asking for purposeB. Asking apologyC. Giving opinionD. agreeingE. expressing ability</p> <p>21. Andy : Rene, why do you got to the fitness center?Rene : I want to be a member of it. Il l do some exercise get a healthy bodyA. becauseD. sinceB. because ofE. soC. In order to </p> <p>22. Yara : Excuse me, I don't know how to get to the post office. Can you show me how to get there ?Dian : Sure. You go along this way and turn left when you meet the boulevard. Then, you walk about two blocks and the post office is on your right, besides the bakery.</p> <p>A. Yara gives instructionB. Dian gives instructionC. Dian gives opinionD. Yara gives opinionE. Dian expresses regret</p> <p>23. Fanny : Let's try the pudding. I make it myself.Ria : Thanks. Ehm It's very delicious. ?Fanny: It's easy. Mix a pack of pudding instant, a glass of sugar, a glass of water, and two glass of coconut oil. Boil it together for fifteen minutes and add a little salt to it. Switch of the fire and pour it into a bowl. Put it in the refrigerator for twenty minutes and you'll get a delicious pudding. A. Can you make itB. How do you make itC. Why do you make itD. How much do you make itE. Why dont you make it</p> <p>24. Ida said, "I like watching action movies." The reported speech for the quoted one above isA. Ida said that she liked watching action moviesB. Ida said that I liked watching action movies C. Ida said that I will like watching action movies D. Ida said that she had liked watching action movies E. Ida said that I had liked watching action movies</p> <p>25. Vina :Hi, Nana. How's your contest?Nana: It's too bad. I . I can't do my best.A. ApologyD. suggestB. RegretE. likeC. agree</p> <p>26. Dido: I suppose that you always wear dark colour clothes, so you look elder than you actually are. .Fetty: OK. I'll try.The suitable expression to fill in the blanks above is ..A. Do you like it?B. Are you okay?C. May I help you?D. Would it be possible for you to wear the colourful ones?E. Do you mean colourful ones? 27. Pat : Hi, I guess you are a new student. M y name is Patricia. Call me Pat.Julia : I'm Julia ..Pat : Nice to meet you, tooA. How do you doB. How are youC. How are thingsD. Nice to meet you E. Glad to see you </p> <p>28. A : When I called you, no one was at your house.B: Yes, that's right. I . The gardenA. weedD. have weededB. was weedingE. am weedingC. weeded</p> <p>29. People who want to see the collection of ancient objects that are closely related to history can go to the museum. The word closest in meaning to the underlined one is ..A. antiqueD. newB. expensiveE. uniqueC. old30. A porter : Excuse me, .? Mr. Andri : Thanks a lot, I can manage it myself.A. would you like me to carry your suitcase B. would you mind bringing my suitcaseC. would you like to bring his suitcaseD. could you bring my suitcaseE. may you bring my suitcase </p> <p>31. X: Excuse me, sir. May I close the door? It's windy outsideY: Oh, sureIn the dialogue, X is asking for ..A. helpD. agreementB. opinionE. informationC. permission32. Jennifer: Would you come to our workshop tomorrow ?Alison: That would be great. In the dialogue Jennifer is giving Alison.A. an orderD. a suggestionB. a commentE. an invitationC. an advice</p> <p>33. X: Hi, Rin. Would you accompany me to the book store?Y: Oh, that's great. I'd love to.The underlined sentence is used to.A. decline an invitationB. accept an invitationC. invite someone to goD. ask for permissionE. ask for one's agreement</p> <p>34. Erlina: I heard that Irwan worked as tour guide at Tribuana tour and Travel. Ferdi : Right, he can speak many languages like English, Frech, Dutch and Japanese. Erlina : Wow, that's great!The underlined words are expressing A. AbilityD. agreementB. PleasureE. possibilityC. Certainty</p> <p>35. A: What is your favorite game?B: ...A. I really hate playing cardsB. I'm very keen on chessC. I dislike chessD. I think softball is like baseballE. I can play with friends</p> <p>36. Hanny : Do you think our team has the chance to win the Thomas Cup?Chandra : I think . Because they have enough practice.A. it is very doubtfulB. it is really annoyingC. it is really challengingD. it is very impossibleE. I can play with friends37. Pedro : Is the manager in today? I'll tell something important to him.Hendi : I wish he were in now.The underlined utterance means ..A. the manager is in nowB. Hendi wants to be in nowC. Hendi doesn't want the manager is in nowD. The manager is out somewhereE. Pedro wants Hendi not to be in now 38. If the natural web of life is disturbed, the result may be disastrous.The underlined word has the similar meaning as ..A. catastrophicD. dangerousB. unsuitableE. complicatedC. harmless</p> <p>39. At the beginning of the semester, each of the students . given a new timetable.A. he isD. beB. they areE. isC. are</p> <p>40. I am still waiting for an interview.A. To be calledD. to callB. Be calledE. calledC. Be calling</p> <p>41. Albert : You told me that you had an accident. Where is your motorcycle now?Bertha : That's right. It . to the garage to be repaired.A. has broughtD. is being broughtB. is bringingE. will be bringingC. would be brought</p> <p>42. Ayu : Where were you last night? I called you but no answered.Ratih: I'm sorry. I was visiting my grandma. She has been ill for almost a week and she is hospitalized now.Ayu : . I hope she gets better soon.A. I can't visit herB. I'm sorry to hear thatC. Thank you for telling the newsD. It must be very seriousE. Thats very kind of you</p> <p>43. Rida: Are you free now?Restu: Yes, what's up?Rida: How's about going to the concert?Restu: That's a nice idea.From the dialogue we know that .</p> <p>A. Rida refuses Restu's invitationB. Restu accepts Rida's invitationC. Restu asks Rida to go to the concertD. Restu has no idea to go to the concertE. Restu declines Rida's invitation 44. Sita: Hi, Din. Why do you look so pale?Udin: I have a terrible headacheSita: Oh, let me take you to a doctorFrom the dialogue we may conclude that Sita to Udin.A. offers helpB. asks some informationC. asks for permissionD. refuses to do somethingE. forbids to do something 45. Anto: I heard that your boss had changed his new secretaryTono: That's rightAnto: But why?Tono: He told me that she was incapable of doing something her job well. The underlined utterance is an expression of A. disagreementD. impossibilityB. inabilityE. dissatificationC. uncertainty 46. Aryo : Let's hurry to the square to hear people making speechesRudi : It's too late. By the time you get there they their sp...</p>