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  • 1.Seri Belajar Bahasa inggrisPertemuan II CLOTHES KelasIV Semester II Klik Untuk MulaiProduksi @Mei 2011 Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa InggrisFKIP Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar

2. MENU UTAMA KOMPETENSI INDIKATOR MATERI EVALUASITUGASOleh : Ni Made YogiantariProduksi @Mei 2011 Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa InggrisFKIP Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar 3. KOMPETENSI 4. INDIKATOR Memberikan informasi tentangjenis nama pakaian Menanyakan informasi tentangjenis nama pakaian Mampu merespon pertanyaan memberikan informasi tentangterjemahan vocabulary Membaca dan mengulang 5. 12 MATERI 1 5346 LOOK THIS PICTURE AND LISTEND! jacket raincoatsweaterdress tieshirt hat suitT-shirtpajamas beltgloveshortsshoessandalstrouserskirtsocks 6. MATERI 2 1 234 5 6LISTEND AND REPEAT ! Dengarlah (listen) kata-kata berikut ini diucapkan oleh gurumu, kemudian ucapkan kembali ( repeat) kata-kata tersebut dengan baik. Vocabulary1.Shirt :/:t/ 10.glove :/glv/2.Shoes :/su:/ 11.shorts :/o:t/3.Pajamas :/pda:mz/ 12.raincoat :/reinkt/4.Hat :/ht/ 13.Sandal :/sndl/5.Tie :/tai/ 14. Suit :/su:t/6.Skirt :/sk:t/ 15.T-shirt :/ti:t/7.Trouser :/traz(r)/ 16.Belt :/belt/8.Socks :/sok/ 17.Dress :/dr:s/9.Jacket :/dkit/ 18.Sweater : /zute(r):/ 7. 1 2 MATERI 3 5346translation Vocabulary Inggris IndonesiaShirt :baju *Jacket :jaketShoes :sepatu *glove :sarung tanganPajamas :baju piyama *shorts :celana pendekHat :topi *raincoat :jas ujanTie :dasi *Sandal :sandalSkirt :rok *Suit :/su:t/Trouser :celana panjang *T-shirt :kaus oblongSocks :kaus kaki *sweater :baju hangatDress : Gaun *Belt :ikat pinggang 8. 12 MATERI 4 5 346How to QUESTIO NANSWERQuestion Answer What is this? * This is.. what is that? * That is. is that a.? * Yes/No :No,It is not./Yes,It is. is this a..? * Yes/No :No,It is not./Yes,It is. does she/he wear a?*Yes/Not : Yes, She/He Does: No, He/She doesnt 9. 1 2 MATERI 5 534 6 Listen and Read!TEXT 1ClothesLuh Ani has some clothes at home. She has a blouse, a belt, a sandals, a hat, apair of shoes, a dress, short, trousers and some T-shirts. When she goes toschool, she wear her red hat, white shirt and red skirt. She also wear her red tie,white socks and blacks shoes. She wears her dress and sandals at home.Luh Anis brother is Wayan Ari. He is a students. He has a hat, a T-shirt, short,trousers, belt, under shirt, shirt, a pair of sandals and a pair of shoes. When hegoes to school, he wears a red hat, a under shirt, a shirt and a red short. He alsowears a red tie, a pair of white socks and black shoes. He wears a T-shirt, shortsand a pair of sandals it home 10. 12 MATERI 6 5346 Listen and Read!Text 2 ShoesTEXT 2 School UniformMother : Why do you get up early?Reza :Where will you go?Laura : I have to go to school.Mother : What day is it today? Shanti : My friend will have a birthdayLaura : it is Monday today party.Mother : What will you wear? I will go to her house.Laura : I have to wear My School uniformMother : Wait a moment. I will take it for you Reza : Your shoes are new.Laura : Thank youYou look more beautiful Shanti : thank you. Lets go there Reza : No. Thank you. 11. EVALUASI Cross the correct answer: a, b or c1. Budi: What is this? 4.Made: What is that?Alit : it is..Wayan : It is.. A. a hatB. a bag C. a T-shirt A. a Shirt B. a T-shirtC. a tie2.Adi : Is that a?Yuli : Yes. It is 5. Look at his head! He is wearing agood A. a duster B. a dress C. a skirt A. tie B.hatC. belt3.I Luh : What is this? 6. Mother asks her to wear a pair ofKetut : This is.. black shoes and white A. a Jacket B. a hatC. a T-shirt A. skirt B. socksC. tie 12. EVALUASIAnswer the question !Example :Is this a T-shirt Yes it is It is a T-shirtComplete and Practice !1. Is that a tieMother : Whyyou get up early?Yes. Laura : I have school.It is a tie Mother : What is it today?Laura : it is Monday..2. Is this a hat? Mother : What will.wear?Yes, Laura : I have to wear...School uniformIt is Mother : Wait a moment. I..take it for youLaura : Thank3.Is that a pair of sandal?No, that is notThat is.. 13. TUGAS Does Ari wear red shorts if he goesDoes Luh Ani wear trousers atto school?home?Yes.,.No, she..He wears.. If he goes to schoolShe doesnt homeDoes Ari wear trousers at home?Does Luh Ani wear dress at home? No, Yes,. He doesnt homeShe home Does Luh Aniwear trousers if sheDoes Ari have a pair of shoes? goes to school?Yes,..No,He has..She doesnt wear Does Luh Ani wear a pair of shoes atDoes Ari wear a skirt at home? home?No, he..No,He.wear skirt at home .wear apair of shoes at home 14. TUGASPicture Name Translate11.Hat1. Skirt 1. Gaun2 3 2. Rok Shoes Piyama3. Tie Dasi4 4. Jacket Kaus 55. T-ShirtOblong7 6. Pajama Topi7. jaket6s Sepatu8. dress8 15. You Right 16. Sorry you lost