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  • 5/21/2018 Shatru Sadhana


    Tuesday, December 18, 2012


    Today time is such that person under influence of hisselfishness becomes ready to cause harm to anyone. Ithas been seen sometimes that close relatives of familybecome enemy in order to meet their selfish ends.Besides this, good friends also become enemies whentime comes and resort to bad activities in order to cause

    harm to person in variety of ways. Sometimes due todisputes in field of business or due to some particularresentment in work-field or when some person leads adignified life following all conduct and adhere to principlesthen also some person having inhuman tendenciesbecome his enemies. This is a very critical situation. If

    seen from one point of view, it can be resolved in one wayor the other but one point that needs to be paid attention isthat it is possible only when one knows who the enemy is.But what can be done if we do not know who the enemyis. Unknown enemies have got the hatred feeling hidden
  • 5/21/2018 Shatru Sadhana


    inside them and once they get the opportunity, theybecome operational to destroy the life. In suchcircumstances it is natural for person to get anxious. In

    such moment of conflicts when person even do not knowwho the enemy is, then it becomes necessary for personto take assistance of sadhna. If we rely on Tantra forsecuring ourselves and our family then nobody has abilityto cause harm to us. How much stronger may be theenemy but in front of goddesss powers he is like a minute

    particle.Among the Shatru Stambhan prayogs of Tantra, SabarPrayogs are most important. These mantras seem verysimple and procedures and Vidhaan of them are also verysimple. Form of Bhagwati Kaalraatri is amazing, highlyfearsome and dreadful, but it is not for sadhak rather it is

    for sadhaks enemies. For sadhak she is just like hermother. On one hand she provides progress and pleasurein life of sadhak along with motherly blessings and on theother hand, in her Durga form she paralyses all known andunknown enemies of sadhak and makes all those personsindifferent who want to cause harm to sadhak. There aremany type of prayogs related to Bhagwati out of which

    most of them are very intense and Shamshaanik( to becarried out in cremation ground) which are not easy to becarried out but prayog presented here is very simple whichcan be done by any person. Sadhak can do this prayog in

  • 5/21/2018 Shatru Sadhana


    one night and upon doing it, he definitely attains theblessings of Bhagwati and is secured from hisenemies.Besides it, he attains progress in all aspects of

    life.Sadhak should do this prayog on seventh day of KrishnPaksha of any month. It should be done after 10 in thenight.Sadhak should take bath, wear red dress and sit on redaasan facing north direction.

    Sadhak should establish picture of Bhagwati Kaalraatri onBaajot and should do Guru Poojan. Lord Ganpati Poojan,Bhairav Poojan and poojan of Goddess Kaalraatri. After it,sadhak should read Nikhil Kavach (Armour) or any otherRaksha Kavach and chant Guru Mantra. Sadhak shouldlight oil lamp only. It should be made sure that lampshould keep on lighting until chanting is over. Sadhakshould make such arrangements in advance. If lampextinguishes at the time of mantra chanting, sadhna endsthere. Sadhak can offer any fruit as Bhog but sour fruitsshould not be used. After it, sadhak should chant 21rounds of below sabar mantra. Chanting should be done

    by Rudraksh or Moonga rosary.

    om namo kaalaraatri shatrustambhini trishula

    dhaarini namah

  • 5/21/2018 Shatru Sadhana


    After completion of Jap, sadhak should pray to Devi withreverence and pray for getting riddance from enemies and

    own security. Sadhak should offer food to any small girl onnext day or offer clothes and appropriate Dakshina,Rosary should not be immersed. It can be used in futurefor this prayog again.


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    (om namo kaalaraatri shatrustambhini

    trishuladhaarini namah)

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    Monday, July 23, 2012

    ShatruUcchaatan Durga Prayog( )

  • 5/21/2018 Shatru Sadhana



    . .... ..

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    . .()()... ...

    . (Om Dum Durgaayai Amukam Ucchaatay Ucchaatay Shighram sarv

    shatru baadhaa naashay naashay phat)

  • 5/21/2018 Shatru Sadhana





    Life of a person in real sense is a struggle everymoment. In one manner or the other, he strives hard toput his life in a proper order, sometimes internallyand sometimes externally. This struggle always goes on,

    whether it is with ones own self or withoutsideworld. The person who succumbs to the circumstances andstops fighting , his life stops improving further anddevelopment of his life gets stucked.Therefore the

    person who fights throughout his life ,he definitelymove towards his aim,But if person does not receive thefruits of struggle, then it is quite natural for hismorale to go down. Sometimes, after seeing thefruitlessness of his efforts, person becomespessimistic and gradually mental weakness builds insidehim and in such a condition, all attempts of the personseems futile. At one time, many persons all of suddenstands against us and take the assistance of mean andlow tendencies for their own advantage, instead of

    showing humanistic qualities they show animositywithout any reason and in such a situation, nothingcomes in our mind how to tackle it.Actually, in such acondition, if we take the assistance of god powers thenit is not wrong in any manner. Because if situation hadbecome favorable with our materialistic efforts thendefinitely life of every person on the earth would havebeen delightful. If effort has to be done, why shouldnot we take help of sadhnas? What is wrong in it.Prayoggiven here is one among the hidden prayogs by which

    person can get rid of enemy-related problems. If anyperson wit