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2. 12 35 649 11 7 8 10 15 151213 1416 17 1819 20next 3. TIGERhome 4. ELEPHANThome 5. SNAKE home 6. BUFFALOhome 7. COWhome 8. HIPPOPOTAMUS home 9. EAGLEhome 10. OSTRICHhome 11. CHICKENhome 12. GIRAFFEhome 13. RABBIT home 14. ZEBRAhome 15. SEA HORSEhome 16. HORSEhome 17. RHINOCEROEShome 18. LION home 19. SHARKhome 20. home 21. home 22. home 23. 3 15 24 6 7 89 1211 1310n 1417 ext1516 24. nextLarge earsI have a bigbodyA pair of ivories A short tailLongtrunkMy big legs 25. An elephant is a rare mammalherbivoreIt has a big body. It has large ears andlong trunk. It also has two ivories. Itstail is short and small.It usually lives the forest or jungle.An elephant is a herbivore so it eatsleaves, or vegetables.Because elephants are mammals, theyproduce milk for their babies and givebirth to their babies. next 26. In pairs, practice tellingthe elephant, then tell itin front of the class !next 27. Make group of three orfour, then choose an animalto tell in your group.First, make the frame.Then, each student musttell it in the group with thehelp of the frame.Finally, the best speakermust be the presenter infront of the class. next 28. THE FRAMETITLEGeneral Classification(An elephant is ..Description :AppearanceHabitFeeding/diet nextBreeding 29. home What is an elephant?An elephant is ANIMALS FEEDINGRARE/EN omnivore DAGEREDherbivore carnivoremammals nocturnal REPTILEmarsupial WILD 30. homeProduces milk for itsbabies, and so it gives birthto its babies 31. Active at nighthome 32. Has a pouch to keep itsbabieshome 33. home 34. THE DESCRIPTIONhomePhysical Appearance..Habitat : forest or jungle (Kalimantan,Sumatra)FeedingBreeding 35. BREEDING Gives birth LAYS EGGShome 36. home 37. homeCRAB 38. homeSCORPION 39. LISTEN TO THIS TEXT AND COMPLETE THE BLANKS IN THE BALLONSIts from .. .Breeding Height. SpecificThe object ischaracter . Weight. . The legsCan runThe tail..Can jump next 40. Answer these questions orallybased on the scheme1. What is the text about ?2. Where is it from ?3. How is its back legs ?4. How fast can it run ?5. How high can it jump ?6. What does it use to sit ?7. How weigh can a kangaroo be reach ?8. What is the meaning of marsupial ?9. How long will the young stay in the pouch ?10.Do all kangaroos have pouches ? next 41. Speaking Evaluation Choose your favorite animal in general Make a frame about your favorite animal With the help of the frame, tell the animal in front of the class nexthome 42. STANDAR KOMPETENSI 2. Mendengarkan Memahami makna dalam teks lisan fungsional danmonolog pendek sederhana berbentuk proceduredan report untuk berinteraksi dalam kontekskehidupan sehari-hari 4. Berbicara Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks lisan fungsionaldan monolog pendek sederhana berbentukprocedure dan report untuk berinteraksi dalamkonteks kehidupan sehari-hari home 43. KD 2.2 : MendengarkanMerespon makna yang terdapat dalammonolog pendek sederhana secara akurat,lancar dan berterima untuk berinteraksi dalamkonteks kehidupan sehari-hari dalam teksberbentuk procedure dan reportKD 4.2 : BerbicaraMengungkapkan makna dalam monolog pendek sederhanadenganmenggunakan ragam bahasa lisan secara akurat, lancardan berterima untuk berinteraksi dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dalam teks berbentuk procedure dan report home 44. TUJUAN PEMBELAJARANPada akhir pembelajaran, siswa diharapkan dapat :1. Melakukan monolog pendek berbentukreport2. Mengidentifikasi informasi yang terdapatdalam teks lesan berbentuk report home 45. MATERI PEMBELAJARANREPORTTEXT SIKLUS LISAN next 46. TUGAS TERSTRUKTURMake group of three.Find an article from magazines ornewspaper, then tell it in your group.The other students or the listenershave to take a note in the form of aframe. next