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The Design… graphic association malang chapter

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  • 1. The Design graphic association malang chapter

2. Psst Hey you! 3. Profesional Designer Akademisi Lembaga Pendidikan Industri Mahasiswa / Siswa 4. Can you... Please.. join with us? And get it 5. 01 Member ADGI akan terdaftar dan diakui secara nasional dibuktikan dengan kartu member dan sertifikat keanggotaan 6. 02 Berhak Mengikuti Sertifikasi Profesi Desain Grafis ( Syarat dan ketentuan mengacu kepada peraturan yang ditetapkan ADG I Nasional) 7. 03 Mendapatkan hak akses secara penuh pada fit ur fitur yang disediakan pada website ADGI malang (showcase area, job search , dll) 8. 04 Terhubung dengan jaringan industri dan pendidikan desain grafis di malang raya dan nasional 9. 05 Berhak mengikuti acara acara Yang bertujuan meningkatkan keahlian profesi yang dilaksanakan oleh ADGI Malang dan ADGI Nasional 10. 06 Berhak mendapatkan harga khusus member atau GRATIS biaya dalam setiap Event Adgi Malang 11. 07 Berhak Mendapatkan Potongan biaya pada event yang diselenggarakan oleh ADGI partner dan Potongan harga pada mercahant & suplier yang ADGI malang dengan menunjukka n member card 12. 08 Mendapatkan potongan harga untuk pembelian m erchandise ADGI Siswa SMK Desain Grafis 13. Thatits free? No, you must Pay 14. 300 rb Profesional, Industri, akademisi, lembaga pendidikan 15. 150 rb Mahasiswa Desain Grafis & DISKOMVIS Siswa SMK Desain Grafis 16. 75 rb Siswa SMK Desain Grafis 17. USER ANSWER? Hmm 18. The bright side of ADGI 19. Call me Desainer 20. + plus . Ton of Creative . Talk with Visual . Help people with different way . Change Immposible to possible . Everytime its Deadline . Goods for trends . Good talented people 21. - minus . Individiual . Perfectionist . No Management System . No enough Friends . Limited Resources . Great to copying tools/ Plagiat . No mentor to talk your insight and heart . No Joblist 22. No Project No Jobs limit Friend limit Mentor Place promotion No team no place grow no collaborate live sharing Limit Resources no challeges Im curious for 23. Im CEO of Design Industry 24. + plus . Ton of Creative insight & people . Ton of project and job . Produce the promotion tools . Help people & company grow . Claim he can change the business promotion . Everytime its Design for business . Place the people problem solving . Cooperatif for the Project . Cheap in prices 25. - minus . Difficult search good designer talents . To long learn designer talent . Ton of project no one, can help it . Cheap in prices . Limited connection . unappreciative for the designer team . Late of trends 26. Limit Talented people late for updated ungrowing Connection No standartd prices unappreciative designer Need Help no colloborate Limit Resources no challeges Im curious for 27. Im a Student or design employee, marketing design employe. 28. No Friends No Jobs limit Friend limit Mentor Place promotion No team no place grow no collaborate live sharing Limit Resources no challeges Im curious for 29. What the problem? 30. No Friends No Jobs limit Friend limit Mentor Place promotion No team no place grow no collaborate live sharing Limit Resources no challeges 31. What we needs? 32. Need place for meet with Friends Jobs and intership information Mentor Specialize Place promotion work meet Great team place for growcollaborate projects live sharing Resources challeges Sharing build Standart industry 33. Here we come ADGI Websites 34. References!intro!/roadtrip 35. We have a ton project, we confiused who can help us? 36. i didn't have Project, Design For eat 37. I need Team or People work with me 38. I need A Job for professional works 39. I'm Alone, i need a Friend 40. let's coming with us With ADGI together we made great 41. User Journey Input Field Form Input text area (text are give a guide) Click start now Direct to ADGi TOUR Direct result Optional Be a member or just login if the are just login they are limited for Benefit 42. Storytelling for adgi tour Im Graphic designer Im confiused people say about me Community make me Strunggle Ineed a job for money I need Job for work I need a team for peoject Where the place to become in? 43. Get the Benefits! #JanjianSharing/#beafriend #meet the expert #MAKE IT PERFECT #KNOWYOURPASSION #jobs #intership #ADGIgreatteam Directory for Proffesional Designer Company Advertising/ Agency Student Lacture #Promoteyour works # # #Quotes #Profile Interview #livesharing #Calendar events #recomendation book #reference/Link 44. Sitemap 45. Thanks lets disscuss