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The Design… graphic association malang chapter

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Page 1: Psst..callmedesigner

The Design…graphic association malang chapter

Page 2: Psst..callmedesigner

Psst…Hey you!

Page 3: Psst..callmedesigner

Profesional Designer


Lembaga Pendidikan


Mahasiswa / Siswa

Page 4: Psst..callmedesigner

Can you... Please..

join with us?

And get it

Page 5: Psst..callmedesigner


Member ADGI akan terdaftar dan diakui secaranasional dibuktikan dengan kartu member dansertifikat keanggotaan

Page 6: Psst..callmedesigner


Berhak Mengikuti Sertifikasi Profesi DesainGrafis ( Syarat dan ketentuanmengacu kepada peraturan yang ditetapkan ADGI Nasional)

Page 7: Psst..callmedesigner


Mendapatkan hak akses secara penuh pada fitur fitur yang disediakanpada website ADGI malang (showcase area, jobsearch , dll)

Page 8: Psst..callmedesigner


Terhubung dengan jaringan industri danpendidikan desain grafis di malangraya dan nasional

Page 9: Psst..callmedesigner


Berhak mengikuti acara acara Yang bertujuanmeningkatkan keahlianprofesi yang dilaksanakan oleh ADGI Malangdan ADGI Nasional

Page 10: Psst..callmedesigner


Berhak mendapatkan harga khusus member atauGRATIS biaya dalam setiap Event Adgi Malang

Page 11: Psst..callmedesigner


Berhak Mendapatkan Potongan biaya padaevent yang diselenggarakan oleh ADGI partnerdan Potongan harga pada mercahant& suplier yang ADGI malang dengan menunjukkan member card

Page 12: Psst..callmedesigner


Mendapatkan potongan harga untuk pembelian merchandise ADGI

Siswa SMK DesainGrafis

Page 13: Psst..callmedesigner


No, you must Pay

Page 14: Psst..callmedesigner

300 rb

Profesional, Industri,akademisi, lembagapendidikan

Page 15: Psst..callmedesigner

150 rb

Mahasiswa Desain Grafis & DISKOMVIS

Siswa SMK DesainGrafis

Page 16: Psst..callmedesigner

75 rb

Siswa SMK Desain Grafis

Page 17: Psst..callmedesigner



Page 18: Psst..callmedesigner

The bright sideof ADGI…

Page 19: Psst..callmedesigner

Call me Desainer

Page 20: Psst..callmedesigner

+ plus. Ton of Creative

. Talk with Visual

. Help people with different way

. Change Immposible to possible

. Everytime it’s Deadline

. Goods for trends

. Good talented people

Page 21: Psst..callmedesigner

- minus. Individiual

. Perfectionist

. No Management System

. No enough Friends

. Limited Resources

. Great to copying tools/ Plagiat

. No mentor to talk your insight

and heart

. No Joblist

Page 22: Psst..callmedesigner

No Project – No Jobs – limit Friend – limit Mentor –Place promotion – No team – no place grow– no collaborate – live sharing – Limit Resources – no challeges

I’m cu·ri·ous for

Page 23: Psst..callmedesigner

I’m CEO of Design Industry

Page 24: Psst..callmedesigner

+ plus. Ton of Creative insight & people

. Ton of project and job

. Produce the promotion tools

. Help people & company grow

. Claim he can change the business promotion

. Everytime it’s Design for business

. Place the people problem solving

. Cooperatif for the Project

. Cheap in prices

Page 25: Psst..callmedesigner

- minus. Difficult search good designer talents

. To long learn designer talent

. Ton of project no one, can help it

. Cheap in prices

. Limited connection

. unappreciative for the designer team

. Late of trends

Page 26: Psst..callmedesigner

Limit Talented people

– late for updated – ungrowing

Connection – No standartd prices

– unappreciative designer– Need

Help – no colloborate – Limit

Resources – no challeges

I’m cu·ri·ous for

Page 27: Psst..callmedesigner

I’m a Student or design employee, marketing design employe.

Page 28: Psst..callmedesigner

No Friends – No Jobs

– limit Friend – limit Mentor

–Place promotion – No team

– no place grow– no collaborate

– live sharing – Limit Resources –

no challeges

I’m cu·ri·ous for

Page 29: Psst..callmedesigner

What the problem…?

Page 30: Psst..callmedesigner

No Friends – No Jobs – limit

Friend – limit Mentor –Place

promotion – No team – no place

grow– no collaborate – live

sharing – Limit Resources – no


Page 31: Psst..callmedesigner

What we needs…?

Page 32: Psst..callmedesigner

Need place formeet with Friends –Jobs and intership

information – Mentor Specialize –Place

promotion work – meet Great team –

place for grow–collaborate projects –

live sharing –Resources – challeges –

Sharing – build Standart industry

Page 33: Psst..callmedesigner

Here we comeADGI Websites

Page 34: Psst..callmedesigner
Page 35: Psst..callmedesigner


Page 36: Psst..callmedesigner

We have a ton project, we confiused who can help us?

Page 37: Psst..callmedesigner

i didn't have Project, Design For eat

Page 38: Psst..callmedesigner

I need Team or People work with me

Page 39: Psst..callmedesigner

I need A Job for professional works

Page 40: Psst..callmedesigner

I'm Alone, i need a Friend

Page 41: Psst..callmedesigner

let's coming with us With ADGI together we made great

Page 42: Psst..callmedesigner

User Journey • Input Field Form• Input text area (text are give a guide)• Click start now • Direct to ADGi TOUR • Direct result• Optional Be a member or just login if the are just login they are

limited for Benefit

Page 43: Psst..callmedesigner

Storytelling for adgi tour

• I’m Graphic designer• I’m confiused people say about me• Community make me Strunggle• Ineed a job for money • I need Job for work • I need a team for peoject• Where the place to become in?

Page 44: Psst..callmedesigner
Page 45: Psst..callmedesigner

Get the Benefits!• #JanjianSharing/#beafriend• #meet the expert• #MAKE IT PERFECT• #KNOWYOURPASSION• #jobs• #intership• #ADGIgreatteam• Directory for

– Proffesional Designer– Company Advertising/

Agency– Student– Lacture

• #Promoteyour works• #• #• #Quotes• #Profile Interview• #livesharing• #Calendar events• #recomendation book• #reference/Link

Page 46: Psst..callmedesigner


Page 47: Psst..callmedesigner

Thank’slet’s disscuss