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Tel: 081 831 7882 031 60103559

Untuk Mendapatkan Harga Partai Silahkan Hubungi: 081 831 7882 (No SMS)NamaBarang 26 Mhz IC Nokia 6100 26 Mhz IC Nokia 8250 Antenna Cable Nokia 6500c Antenna Cable Nokia 9300 Antenna Nokia 3250 Antenna Nokia 6500c Antenna Sony Ericss K310 Antenna Nokia N70 Antenna Switch 2112 Antenna Switch Nokia 3220 Antenna Switch Nokia 6100 Antenna Switch Nokia 6610/7250 Antenna Switch Nokia 8210/3310/1100 Antenna Switch Siemens C35 Battery Connector Nokia 3100 Battery Connector Nokia 3650 (Copy) Battery Connector Nokia 5310 Battery Connector Nokia 8210 Battery Connector Nokia 8310 BGA Plate 7610 (SMALL) Bluetooth IC Nokia 5000 Bluetooth IC Nokia 6230 Bluetooth IC Nokia 2865 Bluetooth IC Nokia 9300 Bluetooth Module N70 Bluetooth Module Nokia 3650 Board + IC Motorolla E398 Board + IC Nokia 1100 Board + IC Nokia 2100 Board + IC Nokia 2300 Board + IC Nokia 3100 Harga (Rp) Rp15,000 Rp15,000 Rp30,000 Rp30,000 Rp40,000 Rp90,000 Rp17,500 Rp15,000 Rp15,000 Rp10,000 Rp12,500 Rp15,000 Rp4,500 Rp3,500 Rp15,000 Rp6,500 Rp40,000 Rp55,000 Rp35,000 Rp30,000 Rp150,000 Rp175,000 Rp285,000 Rp110,000 Rp110,000 Rp110,000 Rp110,000

Board + IC Nokia 3220 Board + IC Nokia 6030 Board + IC Nokia 6100 Board + IC Nokia 6610 Board + IC Nokia 7210 Board + IC Nokia 7250 Board + IC Nokia 7260 Board + IC Nokia 7360 Board + IC Nokia 8250 Board + IC Nokia 8310 Board + IC Siemens C45 Board + IC Sony Ericss K750 Board UI + Flex Cable Nokia 3230 Board UI Nokia 5200 Board UI Nokia 5300 Board UI 6111 Board UI Nokia 6280 Board UI Sony Ericss W850 Buzzer Motorolla V3 Buzzer Nokia 1100 Buzzer Nokia 1600 Buzzer Nokia 1661 Buzzer Nokia 2600c + Antenna Buzzer Nokia 2650 + Antenna Buzzer Nokia 3230 + Antenna Buzzer Nokia 3100 / N Gage Buzzer Nokia 3530 Buzzer Nokia 5220 (ORI) Buzzer Nokia 5300 / N73 Buzzer Nokia 6030 Buzzer Nokia 6030 + Antenna Buzzer Nokia 6070 (ORI) Buzzer Nokia 6235 + Antenna Buzzer Nokia 6275 + Antenna Buzzer Nokia 6500 Buzzer Nokia 8310 Buzzer Panasonic GD55 Buzzer Samsung T100 Buzzer Sony Ericsss C60

Rp155,000 Rp110,000 Rp110,000 Rp110,000 Rp110,000 Rp110,000 Rp175,000 Rp175,000 Rp110,000 Rp140,000 Rp45,000 Rp315,000 Rp275,000 Rp50,000 Rp100,000 Rp65,000 Rp90,000 Rp100,000 Rp10,000 Rp8,000 Rp10,000 Rp12,500 Rp20,000 Rp12,500 Rp15,000 Rp10,000 Rp12,500 Rp15,000 Rp10,000 Rp15,000 Rp7,500 Rp20,000 Rp20,000 Rp15,000 Rp7,000 Rp12,500 Rp10,000 Rp12,500

Buzzer Sony Ericsss J200 Buzzer Sony Ericsss K700 Buzzer Sony Ericsss K750 Buzzer Sony Ericss W880 Camera Connector Nokia N70 (Small) Camera IC Nokia 3110 / 3500 / 6300 Camera IC Nokia 3650 Camera IC Nokia 6280 Camera IC Nokia N70 Camera IC Sony Ericss T630 Camera Motorolla E398 Camera Nokia 2630 Camera Nokia 5000 Camera Nokia 5200 Camera Nokia 6120 / 6300 Camera Nokia 6600 Camera Nokia 6680 (Small) Camera Nokia 7650 Camera Nokia E71 Camera Nokia N73 Camera Samsung E700 Camera Samsung V200 Camera Samsung X600 Camera Samsung X640 Camera Sony Ericss K500 Camera Sony Ericss K550 Camera Sony Ericss K610 Camera Sony Ericss K610 (Small) Camera Sony Ericss T610 Camera Switch Nokia 5610 Camera Switch Nokia N70 Camera Switch Nokia N95 Camera Switch Sony Ericss K750 CCONT Charge Connector Dopod 696 Charge Connector Motorolla V3 Charge Connector Nokia 1650 Charge Connector Nokia 6030 (Complete) Charge Connector Nokia 6280

Rp15,000 Rp20,000 Rp20,000 Rp20,000 Rp40,000 Rp20,000 Rp100,000 Rp75,000 Rp20,000 Rp50,000 Rp50,000 Rp75,000 Rp30,000 Rp100,000 Rp70,000 Rp200,000 Rp50,000 Rp40,000 Rp125,000 Rp100,000 Rp40,000 Rp100,000 Rp200,000 Rp30,000 Rp100,000 Rp80,000 Rp25,000 Rp8,000 Rp12,500 Rp10,000 Rp10,000 Rp45,000 Rp25,000 Rp5,000 Rp10,000 Rp10,000 Rp5,000

Charge Connector Nokia E71 Charge Connector Samsung E700 Charge Connector Sony Ericss K610 Charge Connector Sony Ericss K700 Charge Connector Sony Ericss K750 Charge Connector Sony Ericss W880 Charge IC Nokia 2115 (EES) Charge IC Nokia 8210 Charge Nokia N80 (Betty, 4376535) Charge IC Nokia 6630 (TAHVO, 4376383) Charge IC Samsung C100 Charge IC Siemens C45 Charge IC Sony Ericss K700 Charge IC Sony Ericss T610 COBBA (CHINA) COBBA (ORI) COBBA (TW) CPU Motorolla E398 CPU Nokia MAD2 v.16 CPU Nokia v.210 CPU Nokia v.8210 CPU Nokia v.835 CPU Nokia v8431e CPU Nokia 1600 CPU Nokia 2330c CPU Nokia 6030 (4377161) CPU Nokia 6030 (4377011) CPU Nokia TIKU (4377177) CPU Nokia TIKUEDGE (4375107) CPU Nokia WD2 / CPU 3650 v2.5 CPU Nokia WD2 / CPU 3650 v3.2e CPU Siemens C45 (M34) CPU Siemens C62 CPU Siemens M55 CPU Sony Ericss T230 CPU Sony Ericss T600 (USED) Current Sensor CDMA Current Sensor Nokia 3650 N301 (PACKING) Current Sensor Nokia 3650 R385

Rp5,000 Rp10,000 Rp10,000 Rp10,000 Rp7,500 Rp15,000 Rp22,500 Rp15,000 Rp25,000 Rp30,000 Rp25,000 Rp22,500 Rp15,000 Rp15,000 Rp40,000 Rp35,000 Rp75,000 Rp120,000 Rp90,000 Rp125,000 Rp125,000 Rp110,000 Rp75,000 Rp90,000 Rp90,000 Rp90,000 Rp90,000 Rp140,000 Rp35,000 Rp45,000 Rp20,000 Rp12,500 Rp12,500

Current Sensor Nokia 7610 N230 Current Sensor N80 (SMPS) Dialog IC Siemens C35 Dialog IC Siemens C55 Dialog IC Siemens C65 Display IC Nokia 6300 Display IC Nokia 6600 FDK Nokia 8210 Flash IC Nokia 1100 / 2300 Flash IC Nokia 1600 Flash IC Nokia 2116 Flash IC Nokia 2330c Flash IC Nokia 2600 Flash IC Nokia 2650 Flash IC Nokia 3220 Flash IC Nokia 3310 Flash IC Nokia 3330 Flash IC Nokia 6100 / 3100 (No Packing) Flash IC Nokia 3220 (Packing) Flash IC Nokia 6230 128MB (BIG) Flash IC Nokia 6230 64MB (SMALL) Flash IC Nokia 6600 / 8310 / 3650 (AMD 02) Flash IC Nokia 6600 / 8310 / 3650 (AMD01) Flash IC Nokia 6600 / 8310 / 3650 (ST) Flash IC Nokia 6630 (BIG) Flash IC Nokia 7610 128MB (BIG) Flash IC Nokia 7610 64MB (SMALL) Flash IC Nokia 7650 Flash IC Nokia 8210 / 2100 (CHINA) Flash IC Nokia 8210 / 2100 INTELL Flash IC Nokia 9500 Flash IC Nokia N73 (k5e1g12acm) Flash IC Samsung C100 Flash IC Samsung E700 Flash IC Samsung T400 Flash IC Siemens AX72 5001906026BEL Flash IC Siemens C62 (NoPacking) Flash IC Siemens C62 (Packing) Flash IC Siemens C65 (4000LQYTQ0)

Rp12,500 Rp12,500 Rp12,500 Rp15,000 Rp15,000 Rp7,500 Rp7,500 Rp12,500 Rp17,500 Rp70,000 Rp45,000 Rp75,000 Rp55,000 Rp130,000 Rp90,000 Rp15,000 Rp27,500 Rp70,000 Rp140,000 Rp140,000 Rp65,000 Rp65,000 Rp135,000 Rp120,000 Rp65,000 Rp65,000 Rp110,000 Rp90,000 Rp52,500 Rp60,000 Rp37,500 Rp35,000 Rp45,000 Rp30,000

Flash IC Siemens CX75 4060L0YTB Flash IC Siemens M55 Flash IC Sony Ericss K310 Flash IC Sony Ericss K700 Flash IC Sony Ericss K750 Flash IC Sony Ericss K800 (5060M0Y0B0) Flash IC Sony Ericss K800 (5060M0Y0BE) Flash IC Sony Ericss K800 (M39P0R907) Flash IC Sony Ericss T230 Flash IC Sony Ericss T630 Flash IC Sony Ericss W810 Flex Cable + Keypad Nokia 6108 Flex Cable + Keypad Sony Ericss P800 Flex Cable + Keypad Sony Ericss P900 Flex Cable + Keypad Sony Ericss P910 Flex Cable Keypad XDA II Flex Cable Camera Sony Ericss K750 (ORI) Flex Cable Camera Sony Ericss K750 (Copy) Flex Cable Connector Nokia 2630 Flex Cable Connector Nokia 3230 Flex Cable Connector Nokia 5610 / 6500 Flex Cable Connector Nokia 5610 / 6500 (Keypad) Flex Cable Connector Nokia 6280 Flex Cable Connector Nokia N73 (Joystick) Flex Cable Connector Nokia N81 (Copy) Flex Cable Connector Samsung D410 Flex Cable LG 7020 Flex Cable LG KG800 Flex Cable LG U8130+IC Flex Cable Motorolla V3 Razor (BIG) Flex Cable Motorolla V3 Razor (SMALL) Flex Cable Motorolla V3i Razor (BIG) Flex Cable Motorolla V3i Razor (SMALL) Flex Cable Motorolla V3X Razor (BIG) Flex Cable Motorolla V3X Razor (SMALL) Flex Cable Motorolla V66 Flex Cable Motorolla V680 Flex Cable Nokia 1208 (Copy A) Flex Cable Nokia 2255 (Copy A)

Rp60,000 Rp35,000 Rp95,000 Rp55,000 Rp75,000 Rp55,000 Rp65,000 Rp45,000 Rp17,500 Rp42,500 Rp60,000 Rp240,000 Rp110,000 Rp100,000 Rp75,000 Rp45,000 Rp10,000 Rp15,000 Rp15,000 Rp15,000 Rp20,000 Rp20,000 Rp20,000 Rp22,500 Rp15,000 Rp45,000 Rp40,000 Rp50,000 Rp25,000 Rp60,000 Rp30,000 Rp90,000 Rp25,000 Rp20,000 Rp22,500 Rp25,000 Rp35,000

Flex Cable Nokia 2505 (COPY) Flex Cable Nokia 2600 (Keypad) Flex Cable Nokia 2630 (Keypad) Flex Cable Nokia 2650 (Complete) Flex Cable Nokia 2650 + IC Flex Cable Nokia 3155 Flex Cable Nokia 3230 Flex Cable Nokia 3250 Flex Cable Nokia 3250 (Keypad Flex, ORI) Flex Cable Nokia 3250 (Keypad Flex, ORI, Used) Flex Cable Nokia 5200/5300 Flex Cable Nokia 5310 (Keypad) Flex Cable Nokia 5320 (Keypad) Flex Cable Nokia 5610 (ORI + Camera) Flex Cable Nokia 5610 (Keypad) Flex Cable Nokia 5700 (Keypad) Flex Cable Nokia 6060 Flex Cable Nokia 6101 (ORI) Flex Cable Nokia 6111 (ORI) Flex Cable Nokia 6120 (Keypad) Flex Cable Nokia 6125 (ORI) Flex Cable Nokia 6170 (ORI) Flex Cable Nokia 6255 (ORI) Flex Cable Nokia 6260 (ORI) Flex Cable Nokia 6260 (Copy) Flex Cable Nokia 6265 (ORI) Flex Cable Nokia 6270 (ORI) Flex Cable Nokia 6280 (ORI) Flex Cable Nokia 6500 (ORI + Camera) Flex Cable Nokia 6500c (Mic + Middle Housing + Keypad Flex, USED) Flex Cable Nokia 6500s (Keypad) Flex Cable Nokia 6600 Flex Cable Nokia 6600s Flex Cable Nokia 7200 Flex Cable Nokia 7650 (Copy) Flex Cable Nokia 9210 (ORI) Flex Cable Nokia 9300 (ORI) Flex Cable Nokia 9300 (Copy) Flex Cable Nokia 9300i (ORI)

Rp35,000 Rp75,000 Rp75,000 Rp25,000 Rp30,000 Rp25,000 Rp80,000 Rp190,000 Rp130,000 Rp50,000 Rp75,000 Rp125,000 Rp140,000 Rp75,000 Rp75,000 Rp55,000 Rp55,000 Rp90,000 Rp77,500 Rp45,000 Rp75,000 Rp35,000 Rp45,000 Rp75,000 Rp50,000 Rp130,000 Rp90,000 Rp65,000 Rp20,000 Rp220,000 Rp35,000 Rp12,500 Rp275,000 Rp450,000 Rp80,000 Rp500,000

Flex Cable Nokia 9500 (ORI) Flex Cable Nokia 9500 (Copy) Flex Cable Nokia E66 Flex Cable Nokia E71 (Keypad) Flex Cable Nokia E71 (Keypad + Frame) Flex Cable Nokia E90 Flex Cable Nokia N76 (ORI) Flex Cable Nokia N76 (ORI, Keypad) Flex Cable Nokia N80 Flex Cable Nokia N81 Flex Cable Nokia N82 (Keypad) Flex Cable Nokia N93 Flex Cable Nokia N95 Flex Cable Nokia N95 (Copy) Flex Cable Nokia N95 8GB Flex Cable Nokia N95 8GB (Copy) Flex Cable Nokia N96 Flex Cable Philip 630 With Connector Flex Cable Philip 855 Fl