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Listening and Speaking (RECOUNT). School: Junior High Class/semester: VII/1 Subject: Listening, Speaking Text Type: Recount Time allocation: 2x40 minutes. Competency Standard: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Listening and Speaking(RECOUNT)

1School: Junior HighClass/semester: VII/1Subject: Listening, SpeakingText Type: Recount Time allocation: 2x40 minutes


6Basic Competence:

2.2 4.2 Merespon dan mengungkapkan makna yang terdapat dalam monolog pendek sederhana secara akurat, lancar, dan berterima untuk berinteraksi dengan lingkungan sekitar dalam teks berbentuk descriptive dan recount

Indicators: 1. Students are able to respond spoken monologue of recount text.2. Students are able to create spoken monologue of recount text using past tense.3. Students are able to able to show the good characters such as: confident, cooperative, independent, and respect.

5Pronunciation and VocabularyCamping(Berkemah)/km.p/ Plantation(Perkebunan)/plnte. n/ Walked(Berjalan)/wkt/ Comedy(Komedi)/km..di/ River(Sungai)/rv. r / Read(Membaca)/red/ Performed(Menampilkan)/pfmd/ Insects(Serangga)/n.sekts/ Poetry(Puisi)/p..tri/ Danced(Menari)/dn t st/

7Listening a SongListen to the following song and put the correct words in the blank spaces. What message does the song give us? Discuss with your friends. Click the icon below to start listening!

9ListeningListen to your teacher telling someones experience while he/she did camping. While you are listening to your teacher, pay attention to the events which the character experienced in the past.

8The simple past tense is used to tell about past experiences.

Past tense uses verb 2

Examples:Travel travelledGet gotWhen you are telling about your experience in the past, you are creating a recount text.

Lets Practice Once More!Act out the following presentation to a friend and then answer the questions that follow.

17Hi, everybody. Let me tell you something. Last night I went to my neighbours wedding party with my family. You know, it was the wedding party of my dads boss son.Well, in the party I had rawon and sate Madura. Its really nice to have them in traditional wedding like this one. Then, I had, you know what, some dawet ayu. After that, I sang for the happy couple.At about 09.15 we went home. We arrived home rather late. I felt really very happy.

Questions:1. What did the speaker do last night?2. Whose birthday was it?3. What did the speaker have for dinner first?4. What did the speaker have for dinner next?5. When did the speaker go home?6. How did the speaker feel?

When you roll the dice you have to use the expression below:yesterdaylast weektwo days agolast monthlast year

Click to the icon below to start the game!

21See you next meeting!