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  • Kontrak Pembelajaran, Motivasi & Gambaran Mata Kuliah

    #Sesi 1, Rabu 18 Februari 2015

    #Sesi 3, Rabu 4 Maret 2015

  • Istilah komunikasi memiliki akar kata dari bahasa latin communicare yang berarti membagikan (to share).

    Komunikasi didefiniskan dalam formula SMCRE


    Dapatkah anda gambarkan bagaimana manusia berkomunikasi saat ini? Mengapa mereka berkomunikasi?

  • International communication means that communication which occurs among the nations

    communication which occurs across international borders

    a.k.a. transborder or transnational communication

    Definisi & Ruang Lingkup Kominter

    What about today?

    Komunikasi internasional yakni aktivitas membagi pengetahuan, ide dan kepercayaan diantara masyarakat dunia yang beraneka ragam, sehingga sangat mungkin ia berkontribusi dalam menyelesaikan konflik global dan mempromosikan kesalingpahaman diantara negara.

  • Prophets Letter to Kisra

  • Prophets Letter to Najashee

  • Prophets Letter to Heracle

  • The technologies of international communication and globalization may be contemporary phenomena but trade and cultural interchange shave existed for more than two millennia between the Greco-Roman world with Arabia, India and China. Information and ideas were communicated across countries, as shown by the spread of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.

    Trade & Culture: Reason for International Communication

  • Communication & empires

    Many rulers used inscription for public information. Writing become more flexible and efficient means of conveying information over long distances.

    Printing press

    8th century paper introduced from China to the Islamic world and spread to medieval Europe.

    In the fifteenth century developed the printing press and the first printing press was opened in Goa in 1557.

    Industrial revolution and transport

    The growing international commerce encouraged by colonialization, gave a huge stimulus to the internationalization of communication.

    The growth of the telegraph

    Invented by Samuel Mores in 1837, the telegraph enabled the rapid transmission of information, as well as ensuring secrecy and code protection.

    The era of news agencies

    The France Havas agency was founded in 1835, the German agency Wolf in 1849, the US agency, Associated Press (AP) in 1848, and the British Reuters in 1851.

    History stages of Intl Comm