impact of tourism case of pulau tidung, jakarta

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Impact of Tourism case of Pulau Tidung is my short opinion from a small research during my holiday to this Tidung beauty island. Hoping local government and community understanding a mass tourism like Tidung create positive and negative impact of the tourism booming.


  • Pulau Tidung Tourism a quo Vadis
  • No Uraian Wisman (Orang) Wisnus (Orang) Jumlah Persentase -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 1 Pulau Ayer 0 17.461 17.461 2 Pulau Bidadari 0 31.673 31.673 3 Pulau Kotok Tengah 1.003 1.255 2.258 4 Pulau Sepa 844 1.682 2.526 5 Pulau Putri 1.734 1.04 2.774 6 Pulau Untung Jawa 0 0 0 7 Pulau Pramuka 3.494 119.626 123.12 8 Pulau Tidung 3.576 370.311 373.887 39% 9 Pulau Harapan 1.46 64.836 66.296 10 Pulau Kelapa 0 9.483 9.483 11 Pulau Pari/Lancang 3.41 215.62 219.03 12 Pulau Macan 0 116 116 964.508 146% 8.422 651.237 659.659 118% 6.692 552.306 558.998 242% 4.786 226.234 231.02 2012 2011 2010 Sumber : Sudin Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan Kab. Adm. Kepulauan Seribu Jumlah Wisatawan ke Pulau Seribu 2013
  • mass tourism is associated with traditional sea, sun, sand and winter ski tourism, deriving a number of negatives upon tourist destinations, due to the high volume of tourists flows. (Gonzalez Tiradoz, 2011), Mass tourism is defined as the transport of large numbers of people in a short space of time to places of leisure interest and it started as a result of Improvements in infrastructure and when a greater number of people started to enjoy the benefit of their leisure time. (WTO, 2009)
  • Impact of Tourism in Pulau Tidung
  • + IMPACTS - IMPACTS 1. Contributes to income of local and better standard of living and growth of local economy. 2. Generate employment, business opportunities and creativities. 3. Improves investment (stimulates), development and public utilities infrastructures. 4. Increases tax and local government revenues. 1. Increases local prices of goods and services, higher cost of living a bit higher (inflationary pressure). 2. Urbanization and investor leakage and dependency on tourism incl. underground economy. 3. High infrastructure maintenance (water, power, fuel, medical, etc. 4. Risk of seasonal jobs and low paid jobs include balance of wealth risk.
  • + IMPACTS - IMPACTS 1. Better understanding of environment and protect nature thru ecotourism. 2. Preservation of historic and nature sites. 3. Teaching and participating in nature preserve programs. 4. Promoting the nature conservation program. 1. Pollution (air, water, noise, solid waste and visual) and degradation of natural landscape including destruction of flora and fauna (marine habitat, corals, mangrove, etc.) 2. Contribute water and electricity shortages during overcrowd and congestion as well as traffic. 3. Unsightly buildings and non-standard homestay due to un-control and manage the regulation of the development including loss waste management control. 4. Tourists are likely to drop litter create the island full of trash.
  • + IMPACTS - IMPACTS 1. Improves quality of life with modern living standard and revitalization of poor community. 2. Positive changes in customs, values, education and understand service industry. 3. Promotes and preserve local cultural and understanding different culture 4. Satisfaction of psychological needs, proud of their island. 1. Create an excessive drinking, alcoholism, gambling, underage drinking, crimes, drugs, prostitution and smuggling. 2. Language and cultural effects in duplicating the tourist characteristics and lifestyle changes, social structure grouping of similar preference (exclusivity), racial or social tension- conflicts include change of favorable to young generation. 3. Displacement for tourism development priority and exclusion of locals from natural resources, and create social calamities. 4. Servile attitude making tourist is the king and work for money (financial dislocation ), create a feeling of inferiority and stress tension to local people and the tourist.
  • Pulau Tidung a Tourism in Progress
  • MITIGATION OF NEGATIVE IMPACTS 1. Increased community empowerment thru active communication and tourism community organization involving all stakeholders with sustainability goals 2. Education and understand tourism positive and negative impact on economic domino effect and increase local creativity and opportunity. 3. Manage Tidungs carrying capacity to minimize and avoid the damage of the nature and marine resources. 4. Create continuous research and assessment of tourism impact both local inhabitant and environmental such as EIA (environmental impact assessment), LAC (limit of acceptance change), pseudo-event, demonstration effect or Irridex (doxeys irritation index).
  • Pulau Tidung Tourism a Success
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