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    Travel Lombok


    Industri spa di Lombok terbilang muda. Pulau ini juga terbebani oleh

    posisi geografisnya yang bertetangga dengan Bali. Tapi Samantha Coomber berhasil membuktikan,

    Lombok punya potensi besar untuk memikat mereka yang

    memuja raga.

    Its not easy having Bali as your neighbour. With no defined spa culture of its own, Lomboks spa industry is still in its infancy. As Samantha Coomber finds out though, the island has a huge potential to attract those who worship at the temple of the body beautiful.

    An open-sided bathroom at the Jeevaniya Spa | Kamar mandi berdinding terbuka di Jeevaniya Spa. OPPOSITE PAGE: Tourists stroll down Mawun beach in southern Lombok | Beberapa turis asing menyusuri Pantai Mawun di kawasan selatan Lombok.

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    l omboks international-standard spas are practically all affiliated with upscale resorts and hotels. These are predominately located along the northern and central parts of the islands west coast, the heart of Lombok tourism. Day spas have yet to emerge here though and locally-run salons arent up to Western standards. This island has amazing potential however, and Lomboks indigenous Sasak culture is noted for its

    time-honoured, home-style traditional remedies and

    healing therapies. These therapies include Sasak

    massage, a therapeutic massage passed down the

    generations and administered only by males, as strong

    pressure application is needed. Stunning, wildly

    beautiful Lombok also boasts an abundance of fresh

    fruits, blooms, spices, herbs, roots and rich marine

    products, including renowned South Sea pearls, which

    have their own medicinal and beautifying properties.

    Lomboks refreshingly original spas are increasingly

    starting to incorporate the above into their remarkably

    well-priced menus.

    Travel Lombok

    With the islands new international airport and a

    burgeoning tourism industry, more international-class

    resorts and specialist spas will blossom. Moreover,

    existing spas are busily upgrading and more are

    opening in the islands remoter regions, including on

    the ever-popular Gili Matra (Meno, Air and Trawangan).

    centralLaguna Beach Spa @ Sheraton SenGGiGi Beach reSort

    As Lomboks first luxury international brand, Sheraton

    Senggigi guarantees high standards. Boasting semi-

    alfresco, rustic-village stylings, Laguna Spa features

    two treatment rooms and adjoining relaxation terraces

    which are a pebbles throw from the ocean. Lagunas

    extensive high touch/low tech approach highlights

    traditional, authentic Asian treatments, combined with

    innovative twists and custom-made, island-derived

    organic products. Lagunas signature Natural Heritage

    Spa Packages offer traditional native treatments from

    Lombok, Java and Bali that include the Lombok-coffee

    body polish, Sasak massage and Sumbawa-honey body

    wraps. The new outdoor bal-style treatment rooms

    here are also perfect for a signature beachfront Ayus

    Lomi, a four-handed massage that blends Ayurvedic

    principles with Hawaiian techniques.

    nOrtH-WeStQamboja Spa @ Qunci ViLLaS

    The recently opened Qamboja Spa features eight

    treatment rooms, plus an upstairs yoga-meditation

    suite, plenty of natural woods, coconut shells and

    stones, as well as soaking tubs carved from boulders.

    Qamboja (which means frangipani) features a back-

    to-nature concept and its expanded menu includes the

    signature Qunci Wrap, a detoxifying body wrap that

    incorporates fresh lemongrass, ginger, galangal and

    rice powder, which is applied to the body and wrapped

    in warmed sheets. A post-treatment glass of ginger tea

    maintains body warmth. Theres also a holistic, pre-

    wedding Couple Spa Experience to check out, which

    incorporates traditional Sasak elements. Climbers

    will appreciate the Rinjani Trekking Tonic, which will

    soothe aching muscles after an ascent of Lomboks

    towering Mount Rinjani.










    Palu Gorontalo

    Puri Mas Spa@ Puri MaS BoutiQue reSortS & SPa

    Puri Mas Spa is set in an idyllic garden-cum-valley

    setting backed by jungle-clad hills. It even has

    its own bird-and-animal-rescue sanctuary. Puri

    Mas Spa incorporates traditional therapies and

    remedies from Lombok and Indonesia that utilise

    naturally fresh ingredients, customised essential

    oils and spa products, plus locally sourced herbs,

    flowers and spices. Handpicked coffee, cocoa and

    vanilla beans are used in the signature Lombok

    Mocha and Vanilla Bean Exfoliation treatment.

    Choose from two indoor garden pavilions, three

    Lombok-style bungalows which double-up as spa

    suites, or bal.

    Jeevaniya Spa @ JeeVa KLui reSort

    Located on Klui Beach, the Jeevaniya Spa, a thatched

    stilt-house perched on headlands overlooking the

    bay, features four treatment rooms. Two feature

    upper-level, tree-house bathrooms and are open-

    sided to maximise ocean breezes. The emphasis

    lClimbers will appreCiate the rinjani trekking toniC, whiCh will soothe aChing musCles after an asCent of lomboks towering mount rinjani.

    CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Outdoor bale at the Laguna Beach Spa | Bale outdoor di Laguna Beach Spa; The Puri Mas Spa's vitaliser pool | Kolam vitaliser di Puri Mas Spa; Authentic local spa ingredients at the Qamboja Spa | Bahan spa lokal autentik di Qamboja Spa.

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    oberoi Spa @ the oBeroi LoMBoK

    The Oberoi brands impeccable

    standards carry through to

    their eponymous spa, an

    elegantly appointed pavillion

    that stands on immaculate

    lawns. The Oberois Spa menu

    embraces holistic therapies

    inspired by ancient Eastern

    healing traditions but also

    incorporates international

    influences. Customised spa

    products are sourced from

    natural ingredients, while

    facials are provided by

    Omorovicza. Paying homage

    to Oberois Indian heritage,

    the Ayurveda inspired rituals

    here are the islands premier

    Ayurvedic treatments. Book a

    semi-open suite and a sunken

    marble bath surrounded by

    carp ponds, and select your

    own aromatic incense and

    healing oils.

    SOutHin Balance Spa @ noVoteL LoMBoK

    Lomboks remote southern

    coastline boasts the islands

    here is on traditional Indonesian

    massage and spa therapies,

    which keep the archipelagos

    traditions alive. Only fresh,

    natural, Lombok-sourced ingre-

    dients are used, including the

    cultured pearls for which the

    island is famed. The Micet

    Madura classic healing ritual is

    performed in a traditional bal,

    while the South Sea Gem Facial

    features freshly-milled Lombok

    pearls blended with candlenut,

    cucumber and Sumbawa honey.

    hening Swarga Spa @ hoteL tuGu LoMBoK

    Along with some powder-fine

    white sands, the Hening Swarga

    temple-spa rests within a

    mystical, East Java-influenced

    Hindu temple. Hening Swarga

    Spas open-sided spa suite

    contains an enormous stone bathing pool with water

    jets facing the ocean, all beneath a hand-painted

    vaulted ceiling. Tugu highlights include age-old

    therapies from Bali, Lombok and Java, as well as ancient

    treatments of the type enjoyed by Javanese royalty.

    Locally-sourced organic herbs and spices and bespoke

    Juara products inspired by Eastern medicines are used

    here. The Pijatan Sasak is Lomboks most authentic

    Sasak massage and can be enjoyed in a dedicated

    beachside hut, while the sublime new Tugu Volcanic

    and Sea Shell Facial Pampering uses black volcanic sea

    stones and extra-virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil.

    Travel Lombok

    FROM TOP: The iconic tower of the Hening Swarga Spa | Menara ikonik Hening Swarga Spa; The Oberoi Lombok's spa suite | Spa suite di Oberoi Lombok. OPPOSITE PAGE: The Segara Anak Lake of Mount Rinjani | Danau Segara Anak di Gunung Rinjani.

    how to get thereGaruda Indonesia flies Jakarta-Lombok vv 14 times a week. From the new Lombok International Airport, you can take a taxi (Blue Birds are available outside the airports fence) or rent a car to travel around the island. You can also reach Lombok by speedboat from Balis Padangbai and Benoa harbours.

    Travel Lombok

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    and some of Indonesiasmost spectacular coastal

    scenery and world-class surf breaks. The regions

    sole international-branded resort, Novotel Lombok,

    is set exclusively in the dazzling Mandalika Kuta Beach

    area and its In Balance Spa is the only international-

    standard spa down here. In Balance Spas focus is

    on the regions dry, harsher climes and post-sun-and-

    surf requirements. The popular Sunburn Shooter

    treatment uses fresh aloe vera plucked from the

    hotels grounds, while the Dwi Engges is a Sasak-

    style, four-handed massage.

    Pijat Sasak, metode yang diwariskan secara turun-

    temurun dan hanya dilakukan oleh kaum pria

    karena menuntut tekanan yang kuat. Lombok

    juga mengoleksi buah-buahan segar, rempah-

    rempah, tanaman oba