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  • Banners - with latest designs about ER.

    Press release - with Photos, Videos.

    Media Production - Short Videos about Campaign.

    Monitoring & tracking with Google analytics .

    Sales Andalusia - 1st aid box at the footer with price.

  • Content is the } King {

    Comic .

    Infographics ....

    Trauma team Bluecode the speed of decision-making

    Tips for your heart, tips for breath and General Tips .

    Publish photos from Emergency room .

    Engagement Post "Success stories" - How we saved lives in minutes.

    The Ambulance's features list.

    SAVE THE NUMBER 16781 talk about emergency services by calling

    an ambulance in order to save your life.

    Using Hashtag #_

    Ultrasound and CT 24\7

    Part 1

    Awareness about E.R. Campaign:

  • How to rescue yourself or someone till the ambulance came.

    Athletes: any injury within doing sports.

    Mothers or whoever dealing with children.

    Elder people: with chronic diseases.

    Car accidents or bikers.

    Articles and tips from our doctors for first aid.

    Part 2

    Highlighting Our Services:

    High quality, creative old & new designs for our services .

    Hospital Certificates .

    Special offers for heart, pregnancy and child.

    Free Daily Tips :

  • Campaign Official Designs.

    Short videos Max "30sec".

    Success stories .

    Change Cover & Photo with Campaign design.

    Upload Media Production videos with Hashtag.

    Outsource video making.

  • Change Cover & Photo with Campaign design.

    Tweet Short Tips How to rescue yourself or someone till the ambulance came.

    Change Cover & Photo with Campaign design.

    Posting same Facebook ideas with unique Hashtag.

    Introductory to First Aid Learn the basics of First Aid Rich Text, Photos.

    Presentation for our Andalusia ER Services .

  • Bulk short SMS with call to action



    Woman whos surprisingly felt in labor and shes trying to call 16781

    A little kid whose mother save Andalusia call center after

    Mum & Dads number on his mobile phone for any emergency case.

  • We Always strive for optimal number of ROI with the lowest ad cost

    We will use Facebook our main channel for paid posts .

  • Building A Website Is NOT Enough

    Top Presence In Search Engines Is REQUIRED

    Increase Visibility

    Search Network

    Related Websites

    Keyword Research

    NEED Customer Has A Need

    SEARCH They Search Web / Medical Service

    CONSIDER Client Considers Our Offers

  • Keyword Based Targeting. e.g.( )

    Placements. ( )

    Contextual Targeting. ( ) .

    Topics. ( )

    Combination. ( )

  • 1- Search Network Example 2- Related Websites

  • - Contact with the application to be a sponsor.

    - send messages to the App users what they can do in emergencies cases.

    - IDEA We should target the App Facebook Fan Page because 250 K fans.

    - IDEA We can add an emergency button into Bey2olak App redirect them to 16781.

    Gather all refused designs and Dr. Maged or Dr. Haitham

    write an article discussing how Andalusia group choose its