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<ul><li><p>E.R. DIGITAL MARKETING </p><p>31/5/2015 </p></li><li><p> Banners - with latest designs about ER. </p><p> Press release - with Photos, Videos. </p><p> Media Production - Short Videos about Campaign. </p><p> Monitoring &amp; tracking with Google analytics . </p><p> Sales Andalusia - 1st aid box at the footer with price. </p></li><li><p>Content is the } King { </p><p> Comic . </p><p> Infographics .... </p><p> Trauma team Bluecode the speed of decision-making </p><p> Tips for your heart, tips for breath and General Tips . </p><p> Publish photos from Emergency room . </p><p> Engagement Post "Success stories" - How we saved lives in minutes. </p><p> The Ambulance's features list. </p><p> SAVE THE NUMBER 16781 talk about emergency services by calling </p><p>an ambulance in order to save your life. </p><p> Using Hashtag #_ </p><p> Ultrasound and CT 24\7 </p><p>Part 1 </p><p>Awareness about E.R. Campaign: </p></li><li><p> How to rescue yourself or someone till the ambulance came. </p><p> Athletes: any injury within doing sports. </p><p> Mothers or whoever dealing with children. </p><p> Elder people: with chronic diseases. </p><p> Car accidents or bikers. </p><p> Articles and tips from our doctors for first aid. </p><p>Part 2 </p><p>Highlighting Our Services: </p><p> High quality, creative old &amp; new designs for our services . </p><p> Hospital Certificates . </p><p> Special offers for heart, pregnancy and child. </p><p>Free Daily Tips : </p></li><li><p> Campaign Official Designs. </p><p> Short videos Max "30sec". </p><p> Success stories . </p><p> Change Cover &amp; Photo with Campaign design. </p><p> Upload Media Production videos with Hashtag. </p><p> Outsource video making. </p></li><li><p> Change Cover &amp; Photo with Campaign design. </p><p> Tweet Short Tips How to rescue yourself or someone till the ambulance came. </p><p> Change Cover &amp; Photo with Campaign design. </p><p> Posting same Facebook ideas with unique Hashtag. </p><p> Introductory to First Aid Learn the basics of First Aid Rich Text, Photos. </p><p> Presentation for our Andalusia ER Services . </p></li><li><p> Bulk short SMS with call to action </p><p> SAVE THE NUMBER 16781 </p><p> IDEAS </p><p> Woman whos surprisingly felt in labor and shes trying to call 16781 </p><p> A little kid whose mother save Andalusia call center after </p><p> Mum &amp; Dads number on his mobile phone for any emergency case. </p></li><li><p>We Always strive for optimal number of ROI with the lowest ad cost </p><p>We will use Facebook our main channel for paid posts . </p></li><li><p> Building A Website Is NOT Enough </p><p> Top Presence In Search Engines Is REQUIRED </p><p> Increase Visibility </p><p> Search Network </p><p> Related Websites </p><p> Keyword Research </p><p>NEED Customer Has A Need </p><p>SEARCH They Search Web / Medical Service </p><p>CONSIDER Client Considers Our Offers </p></li><li><p> Keyword Based Targeting. e.g.( ) </p><p> Placements. ( ) </p><p> Contextual Targeting. ( ) . </p><p> Topics. ( ) </p><p> Combination. ( ) </p></li><li><p>1- Search Network Example 2- Related Websites </p></li><li><p>- Contact with the application to be a sponsor. </p><p>- send messages to the App users what they can do in emergencies cases. </p><p>- IDEA We should target the App Facebook Fan Page because 250 K fans. </p><p>- IDEA We can add an emergency button into Bey2olak App redirect them to 16781. </p><p> Gather all refused designs and Dr. Maged or Dr. Haitham </p><p>write an article discussing how Andalusia group choose its </p><p>design. </p></li><li><p>THANK YOU DIGITAL MARKETING DEPT. </p></li></ul>