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PDF created by COBA in conjunction with the Business Writing Professors offering ACU-specific resume examples.


  • Rsum Guide

    Abilene Christian University College of Business Administration

    Connections: Career and Academic Advising

    The purpose of a rsum is not to get a job, but to get an interview with the employer. Employers generally look at rsums for only 30-40 seconds: so make an impression! The key to having a strong rsum is to highlight those areas of your background that best demonstrate your abilities as they relate to the position or opportunity for which you are applying. ~University of Missouri, Career Center

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    Creating Your Rsum How to use this guide

    The following steps will guide you through building your rsum: STARTING OUT

    1. Gather information about yourself Examples of information needed: Dates of employment Computer skills Position or job title Job descriptions Awards received Activities (organizations, volunteer service)

    2. Review sample rsum on Page 3

    3. Read Pages 4-7 for steps on how to build your rsum

    4. Create a rough draft


    1. After completing a rough draft, use the professional skills checklist on Pages 8-12 to strengthen your experience section

    2. Use the action word list on Page 13 to enhance your rsum and grab the

    employers attention when describing your accomplishments

    3. Use the rsum checklist on Page 14 to review your final draft

    4. The rest of the guide has sample rsums for your review

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    Rsum Format Basic Example

    NAME Current Address

    Email Phone Number

    PROFILE Page 4 describes what information needs to be included in this section EDUCATION Page 4 describes what information needs to be included in this section PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Company (Position), Location (City, State) Month Yr-Month Yr

    Description of company Success Statement Success Statement Success Statement

    Company (Position), Location (City, State) Month Yr-Month Yr

    Description of Company Success Statement Success Statement Success Statement

    SKILLS List skills (ie: computer) that may pertain to the job for which you are


    Accomplishments Activities (student organizations, volunteer service, etc.) Honors Awards

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    Name (16 pt. or larger, bold) Current mailing address Email address Current telephone number

    STEP TWO ~ PROFILE SECTION Heading: Profile or Objective

    Write in sentence form Include job title (if applicable)


    Name and location of college Type of degree (BBA, BA, BS) Date degree received or expected graduation date (month/year) Major and Minor Cumulative GPA (ONLY if GPA is above 3.0)

    STEP FOUR ~ EXPERIENCE Heading: Professional Experience

    Include job title, place of employment, city, state, and dates of employment (list most recent job first)

    Describe job in a way that clearly highlights relevant skills, using bullets to bring out accomplishments

    NAME Current Address

    Email Phone Number

    OBJECTIVE Statement expressing who you are and what type of position you are seeking. Be specific.

    PROFILE Statement of professional skills you bring to an employer for a specific position.

    EDUCATIONType of Degree, Major and Minor Date of Degree, GPA (above 3.0) University, Location

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    Relate skills and experience to the job for which you are applying List professional experience in reverse chronological order Only include the most recent information Use numbers to show measurable results

    Results show: Increase, decrease, or improvement by comparison (% Percentages, $ Money, Time, # Big Numbers)

    Use action verbs (page 13) Describe your job with success statements, not job duties:

    Creating Success Statements: When creating bullets for your rsum, a hiring employer would like to see the professional skills learned and how the skills can be effective and put to use in the position for which you are applying

    See pages 8-12 for professional skills and page 13 for action words EXAMPLES OF SUCCESS STATEMENTS

    Example 1 Worked on airplanes

    versus Investigated problems and serviced planes under the tutelage of an A & P

    certified mechanic

    Example 2 Filed papers

    versus Organized and filed 1000 confidential records

    Example 3 Spring Break Campaign

    versus Coordinated $150,000 of travel for 550 students traveling to 36 locations

    worldwide for spring break mission work Example 4

    Waited tables versus

    Maintained high level of customer satisfaction while exceeding beverage sales goals

    Success Statements are as easy as 1+2+3 Job duty + Professional skill + Action word = Success Statement

    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Company (Position), Location (City, State) Month Yr-Month Yr

    Description of company Success Statement Success Statement Success Statement

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    Heading: Activities This section highlights college and professional organizations in which you

    have participated ~ Important: translate or explain all organizations or activities that might be unfamiliar with employer (e.g. Sing Song, Ko Jo Kai).

    Include the name of the organization, any offices you held, and the dates of involvement

    A brief description of the activities can be given Use bullets

    Heading: Skills or Computer Skills Highlight special skills that may be relevant to the job for which you are

    applying (i.e. foreign languages, computer skills, specific computer software)

    Heading: Honors Provide information about any honors you received such as Presidents List,

    scholarships, or memberships in honorary societies Give dates

    SKILLS Computer Skills Foreign Language Skills, etc.


    Accomplishments Activities (student organizations, volunteer service, etc.) Honors Awards

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    Rsum Content What not to include


    Height / weight Marital status Photo Religious information Race / ethnic information Health, family, age Work phone number Supervisors name or phone number Desired salary Salary history High school information Reason for leaving previous jobs Moral statements Abbreviations Unnecessary words

    Such as: References Available upon Request, Responsible for, Duties Include


    Fancy, hard to read fonts Graphics Too much white space < 9 point font size More than 2 fonts

    Source: Arizona State University Career Management Center, Executive Rsum and Cover Letter Workbook, 2001.

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    Professional Skills

    The following checklist is one key to having an A+ rsum. The following list will assist you in accentuating your professional experience. Check off skills you may not remember you have! Then, fill in your professional skills at the end of this form and add them into the experience section of your rsum where applicable.

    Accounting Information Systems


    Administering Programs

    Advising People

    Analysis and Evaluation of Existing Business Processes

    Applications vs. Applets / Services

    Applied Business Process Reengineering


    Arranging Social Functions

    Artificial Intelligence in Decision Support Systems

    Asset Allocation Decision Making

    Auditing Financial Records

    Budgeting Expenses

    Business Communication

    Business Database Concepts

    Business Database Systems

    Business Management

    Business Problem Analysis

    Business Process Analysis

    C and C++ Programming Languages

    Capital Budgeting

    Capital Cost Analysis

    Capital Management

    Checking for Accuracy

    Classifying Records

    Client Relations

    Coaching Individuals

    Communication Strategy Development

    Community Health Management

    Community Relations

    Competitive Strategy Evaluation

    Compiling Statistics

    Computer-based Management

    Constructing Buildings

    Continuous Improvement

    Continuously Improving Supply Chains

    Coordinating Events

    Corporate Financial Management

    Counseling People

    Create Consumer Value and Competitive Edge

    Creating New Ideas

    Crisis Intervention

    Critical Technology Management

    Cross-Functional Team Development

    Culturally Adaptive

    Customer Service Management

    Data and File Structures and Algorithms

    Data Communications Protocols for Internet Applications

    Data Communications Standards for Internet Applications

    Data Management

    Data Warehousing and Distributed Systems

    Database System Management

    Decision Support System Analysis

    Decision Support System Design and Development

    Delegating Authority

    Delivery Environment

    Design Events-Based Accounting Information Systems

    Design Management

    Design of Integrated Supply Chains

    Designing Data Systems

    Develop Events-Based Accounting Information Systems

    Developing Presentations

    Displaying Artistic Ideas

    Distributed Databases for Object Models

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    Distributed Databases for Relational Models